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A few years ago I made a series of quilted fabric collage pet portraits on commission. I enjoyed making these quilts immensely, even though they were labor-intensive.

Fabric postcards inspired by pets, by Pauline Salzman.

It is always a challenge to create a pet portrait that captures both the animal’s personality and the owner’s memories. Photos never can fully show the wag of a tail or playful twinkle of an eye.

I brought my pet portraits to life through embellishments and the fanciful use of fabric scraps. But you can create pet-themed fiber art that portrays a pet’s essence even with a simple line drawing.

In the new Quilting Arts WorkshopTM Fabric Postcard Pets: Three Easy Ways to Make Mini Pet Portraits, fiber artist Pauline Salzman shows you how to create pet-themed fiber postcards using simple line drawings plus easy fusible, coloring, and sewing techniques.

In one of her easiest tutorials, Pauline traces a line drawing onto fusible web. Then she fuses drawing onto fabric, cuts out the pieces, and fuses the positive and negative parts onto two different cards.

making fabric postcard pets by pauline salzman
Pauline uses the positive and negative fused fabric cutouts to make fabric postcards.

Pauline’s best tip for cutting out the fused fabric pieces? Hold the fabric scissors steady and move the fabric, instead of the other way around.

These fiber postcards are so cute; with a little guidance they would be a great project to do with kids. (Can you tell I’m already thinking about summer vacation projects?)

Download Fabric Postcard Pets and start creating this quick and easy fiber collage projects today.

P.S. Do you make fabric postcards? What are your favorite tips or motifs? Leave a comment below.


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