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In the quilting world, easy quilt patterns are like a breath of fresh air. Between those difficult quilt projects and block of the month quilts, easy quilts are quick and, well, easy! They’re like taking a quilting vacation full of rest, relaxation and fun while reaping the benefits of a lovely finished quilt.

Some easy quilt patterns appear to have taken days at the sewing machine. Sophistication is not reserved for challenging quilt patterns – we can see that with the quilts from the Easy Quilts Spring 2016 issue below. Children’s quilt patterns, masculine quilt patterns, geometric quilt patterns… it has it all! Keep reading to learn more about the 13 unique and exciting quilt projects in this issue.

Easy Quilts Spring 2016 - Quilt Patterns - Easy

Hollywood Squares is a bright and happy quilt, full of color. Quilt with confidence – this is one of our easy quilt patterns! Easy and bold – quite a combination!
Hollywood Squares - Color Quilt
Hollywood Squares by Nancy Mahoney

Do you like traditional Log Cabin quilt layouts? If you answered yes, and you’re up for a fresh look, Melbourne Shuffle is the quilt for you. This Courthouse Steps-style quilt is a classic Log Cabin quilt with a spin. Breezy blues and subdued whites alternate between dark and light. Perfect for a log cabin on the lake!
Melbourne Shuffle Quilt - Log Cabin Quilt Layouts
Melbourne Shuffle by Tony Jacobson

Designer Emily Bailey puts family first with Arrowhead. Quilting with her 3 sons in mind, she has brought us a unique masculine quilt pattern. Simple, yet graphic, this design fits right in to the patterns-for-men category.
Arrowhead Quilt - Masculine Quilt Patterns
Arrowhead by Emily Bailey

Children’s quilt patterns are always a hot topic for quilters, especially when it comes to crib-size princess quilts! This adorable baby quilt pattern – Pretty Little Princess – would make an excellent gift for the new baby girl in your life.
Pretty Little Princess - Children's Quilt Patterns
Pretty Little Princess by Nancy Lacey

Spring quilts are in the air! Day Lily uses lovely floral fabrics for a year-round throw-size quilt. This easy quilt pattern is bright and fun!
Day Lily Quilt - Spring Quilts
Day Lily by Stacey Day

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate summer’s arrival than with summer quilts? Picnic Day is vivacious and glowing and cannot be ignored!

This quilt is fat quarter friendly, as well. We love fat quarters! Most quilters do. We love them so much, we offer free quilt patterns using fat quarters. Find these quilt patterns, and other fat quarter friendly quilts, in our blog, “My Favorite Free Quilt Patterns using Fat Quarters.”

Picnic Day Quilt - Summer Quilts
Picnic Day by Brenda Ratliff

Like scrap quilt patterns? We do, too! That’s why we have Gold Rush in the Easy Quilts Spring 2016 issue. Plus, it’s doubles as a table topper or wall hanging quilt. It’s multi-functional!
Gold Rush Quilt - Scrap Quilt Patterns
Gold Rush by Annemarie S. Yohnk

Geometric quilts that don’t require quilting sound like an impossible feat, but Sandi Irish made it happen! Her quilt, called Big Windows, showcases a colorful Cathedral Windows design with a quilt-as-you-go technique, built right in. Very cool!
Big Windows Quilt - Geometric Quilts
Big Windows by Sandi Irish

A cute cat print in neutral colors is appropriate for a baby boy or girl. Unisex baby quilt patterns, like Downtown Kitties, mean siblings can use it, too! If you’re a fan of baby quilt patterns featuring cute little animals, this quilt has what you’re looking for. If not, swap out the kitties with fabric that matches the baby’s nursery theme!
Downtown Kitties Quilt - Baby Quilt Patterns
Downtown Kitties by Debra Finan

Maggie’s Rainbow gives a new name to Log Cabin quilt layouts – this one is colorful and fun! You can see the traditional Log Cabin quilt blocks peeking through these whimsical half-Log Cabin quilt blocks. This quilt goes anywhere! Make it your own by choosing a different color palette, or keep it as is and bring to a picnic, use to keep warm while watching a movie or impress a guest as a throw-size quilt in the guest room.
Maggie's Rainbow - Log Cabin Quilt Layouts
Maggie’s Rainbow by Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting Staff

Do you see ships tied to a dock using single lines of rope? Designer Stacey Day saw just that when she created this fat quarter friendly quilt called Moorings. This quick and easy quilt is both classic and modern and makes a great masculine quilt pattern.
Moorings - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Moorings by Stacey Day

Baby quilt patterns are a must in the quilting world. There will always be babies and we love quilting, so it makes sense! Emma Jean baby quilt, is perfect for a baby boy or a baby girl with a neutral color palette. Very sweet!
Emma Jean Quilt - Baby Quilt Patterns
Emma Jean Quilt by Angie Milligan

Nine Patch quilt blocks, Variable Star quilt blocks, and Four Patch quilt blocks make up this great country-style quilt called Farmer’s Market. The Checkerboard border frames this quilt in nicely and brings it all together. There’s a quilt kit available for this quilt while supplies last, but you can always use your own fabrics if you want to personalize this quilt pattern.
Farmer's Market - Country Quilts
Farmer’s Market by Jennifer Schifano Thomas

As you can see, there are some excellent choices in this issue of Easy Quilts! To learn more about these quilts visit the Easy Quilts Summer 2016 webpage. And, for free easy quilt patterns – always a favorite – check out our Easiest Quilts Ever eBook. You get 4 free quilt patterns in one simple download.

Happy Quilting!

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