We had so much fun putting together this issue of Easy Quilts!

The most popular patterns we feature are always for kids and babies—with good reason! It’s a joy to whip together a simple, easy quilt for the littler ones. The fact that it’s so appreciated is a reward in itself!

So in this special kids’ issue, we have quite a selection of patterns for you! Bunches of fun, playful designs, perfect for nieces or grandsons, toddlers and grade schoolers, and even a quilt or two that are tween-friendly! Cuddly cats (Just Purrfect and I’m Just Kitten) and favorite characters (Princess Cora), and sweet sailboats (Come Sail With Me)—you’ll find the right quilt for that little someone in these pages.

As you may know, we include a quilt in every issue that satisfies the requirements of Quilts for Kids Foundation. In this issue, Jungle Baby is our official Quilts for Kids project, but don’t stop with that one! Many of these patterns would work, and all of them would be loved.

Our panel quilt for this issue is the kid-friendly Sloths!—and the exclamation point is required. When we saw that panel, one of us exclaimed “Sloths!” and the name stuck. It’s simply too cute for words.

It’s not all kids and kittens, though. For a more sophisticated touch, try out either Freshwater Pearls, which uses a subtly shimmery pearlescent fabric, or Midnight Wind Chimes, a striking purple and metallic gold quilt project. The drama of these designs disguises how easy they are to make.

Because as always, the quilts in this issue of Easy Quilts can all be made in a weekend or less!

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  • A Giving Quilt: Explore a cause near and dear to us—Quilts for Kids
  • This and That: Look for these products at your local quilt shop

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