English Paper Piecing on a Desert Island

It’s National Craft Month!

And in honor of all things crafty, we are participating in a blog hop. I’m thrilled to be guest blogging for the quilt group, because of course, quilting is the best craft with which to be marooned on a desert island. Read more about why, and then follow along on our crafty blog hop!

I like to keep my hands busy all the time—traveling, meetings, car rides (when I’m the passenger of course!), and family functions. So if by chance my fabulous cruise ship ran amuck and I was stranded on a desert island, I would have to quickly grab my sewing bag and head out to the beach without a thought.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Lee James /EyeEm

Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Lee James /EyeEm

Survival of the quilty-est

Two scenarios come to mind here: The first is that it’s a real island situation—no electricity and we’re trying to survive. Here my quilting skills would come in quite handy! I could sew up quilts for everyone to sleep under. I mostly travel with some English Paper Piecing to keep me occupied, so needle and thread are always in supply. It might be tricky to find enough material (after all, traveling EPP is pretty small), but with some ingenuity I think we could make some serviceable quilts.

Once we’re all warm and dry (hopefully there are some carpenters stranded with me to build a shelter!) I could turn to some décor for the lean-to. A wall quilt here or there is a great use for my EPP hexies, and would keep the cold night breeze out. Civilization doesn’t have to come to an end just because we’re on an island, I might stitch up a casserole cover to keep the rice pot warm, or placemats for a feeling of home.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images/levente bodo

Photo courtesy of Getty Images/levente bodo

Survival of the desert resort

Now, nobody said that this desert island we landed on couldn’t be paradise—maybe we’re just on a little vacation here. For this ‘stranding’ drinks are offered at every turn, and my EEP bag was just for the ride over. We’ve been set up in a lovely row of cabanas overlooking the beach, and not only is there electricity but each veranda comes equipped with a top-of-the-line sewing machine. Mornings are spent with mimosas in hand, learning new techniques and patterns. After lunch and a siesta, we spend the afternoons sewing. Gifts of finished quilts are made to the staff at the end of the retreat.

Now that is the kind of ‘stranded’ I could get behind, though the challenge of making my own shelter and warming fellow castaways might be fun for a moment, mosquitoes are not my favorite insect and I don’t usually travel with tulle to make a netting cover.

Which kind of adventure fits your style? Follow along with the blog hop to see what other crafts might be useful on a desert island!

More About Our Blog Hop

For those of you that aren’t familiar, a blog hop is a group of blogs that participate in writing around a shared theme. You can then hop from blog to blog to learn and explore all sorts of new ideas and perspectives.

Our group decided to throw a blog hop in honor of National Craft Month, and this year our theme is “What craft would you take to a desert island?”. On each day listed below, visit that website and scroll through the most recent blogs posted until you find the latest blog hop post. Click and enjoy hopping around!

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Add English Paper Piecing to your repertoire in case you get stranded too!

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