Ep. 5: Putting on the Show | Podcast

We’re talking about the quilt shows we all know and love, and the behind-the-scenes coordination that happens when we’re not looking. Bob Ruggiero, the VP of Communications for Quilts Inc. (the company behind Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival), joins us in a conversation about how a bare convention center becomes a bustling quilt show replete with fresh carpet, exhibitor booths, displayed quilts, and stocked classrooms. All of this preparation needs to accommodate 55,000 quilters… annually! Lori, Tracy, and Carrie talk about their first quilt shows. And, finally, in the “Fine Finishes” segment, they discuss whether or not they’d want their quilts judged if they entered them into a quilt show. Listen in and get the show notes here: quiltingcompany.com/podcast.

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