Ep. 5: Show Notes for Putting on the Show

We’re talking about the quilt shows we all know and love, and the behind-the-scenes coordination that happens when we’re not looking. Bob Ruggiero, the VP of Communications for Quilts Inc. (the company behind Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival) joins us in a conversation about what it takes to transform a convention center from bare floors to a space that accommodates and entertains 55,000 quilters every year. Then, we talk with Vivika DeNegre, Content Director for Quilting Arts TV, and Vanessa Lyman, Content Director for Love of Quilting TV, about what it means to prepare for a season of quilting television. Finally, we leave you with this question: would you want your show quilt judged? This is the quilting podcast you’ve been waiting for—take a listen!


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  • Learn more about Lori, Tracy, and Carrie in this blog: Announcing… The Quilting Company Podcast


  • Welcome | What was your first quilt show?
  • Around the Quilt Frame | Bob Ruggiero, VP of Communications for Quilts Inc., talks about preparing for Quilt Market and Quilt Festival
  • Open Studio | Vanessa Lyman and Vivika DeNegre discuss quilting television preparations
  • Fine Finishes | Would you want your quilt judged in a quilt show?



Fine Finishes topic: judging quilts—constructive criticism?

  • We asked, “Would you want your quilt judged in a quilt show?”
  • What are your thoughts?? Leave your answers in the comments below!
    Note: By answering our question, you are giving us permission to read your answer in an upcoming episode.


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