EQ7 Coloring Tools

by Jenny Novinsky for The Electric Quilt Company

You can quickly try out many different color schemes in EQ7. The coloring tools allow you several options when auditioning new colors and fabrics in your quilt designs. The block used in the examples below is from Rudeneja by Janice Averill in the September/October 2015 issue.

 Paintbrush Tool
The Paintbrush tool allows you to color one patch at a time.

One patch has been changed to purple.

 Spraycan Tool
The Spraycan tool colors all matching patches in a block at once.
(In the example below, the block outline is indicated in red.)

All of the teal patches have been changed to purple with one click of the Spraycan tool.

 Swap All Colors Tool
The Swap All Colors tool changes all matching patches across the whole quilt at once (including borders).

All of the yellow patches (including the borders) have been changed to purple with one click of the Swap All Colors tool.

If you’ve been working in solid colors and are ready to switch to fabrics, the Swap All Colors tool is great for making the switch really fast!

Fabric: Melodies by Sarah Campbell for Michael Miller Fabrics LLC.

Fabric: Hello Darling by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics

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