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Even quilters can make mistakes! We strive to see that the project instructions in all issues of Modern Patchwork magazines are clear and accurate, but occasionally an error creeps by us. We apologize for any problems this may have caused.

If you find any errors in our magazines, please let us know and we will post corrections here. Corrections for all other publications can be found here.



Quilting Arts October/November 2018

Q&A with Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix

Quilting Arts October/November 2018

This Artist Q&A indicated on the Table of Contents as page 51 should be page 78. On page 78 the image of Elizabeth Nacenta de la Croix should be attributed to Bonnie McCaffery.

Birth of the Art Quilt Movement: 1959-1979

This article by Sandra Sider should include this note: Part One of a three-part series on the history of the Art Quilt Movement. All images here are from SAQA’s new book, Art Quilts Unfolding: 50 Years of Innovation, forthcoming from Schiffer Publishing. Sandra Sider is editor and co-author of the book.
We apologize for these errors.


Fons & Porter’s: Modern Patchwork, November/December 2017

Geometric Pillows, Designed by Brigitte Heitland

Practice curved piecing in this modern quilt designed by Jean Nolte

On page 51 of Fons & Porter’s Modern Patchwork, November/December 2017, the Geometric Pillows pattern is missing a critical piece of information; the cutting chart!

We apologize for this error. A pattern PDF which includes the cutting instructions is available for you to download here.


Fons & Porter Presents: Modern Patchwork, Fall 2016

Shell Game Quilt, Designed by Jean Nolte

Practice curved piecing in this modern quilt designed by Jean Nolte

On page 91 of Fons & Porter Presents Modern Patchwork, Fall 2016, the enlargement percentage of the Shell Game template is incorrect. It should be 125%.

We apologize for this error. A downloadable template already printed at the proper size is available for you to download here.

Please note: Since Shell Game is a one-patch quilt, you will still be able to use the original template printed in the magazine to create a quilt, but it will be smaller than the pictured quilt and require less fabric than indicated in the materials list.

Make it! Patchwork, Summer 2016

Zipper Pouch, Designed by Christina McKinney

Zippered pouch designed by Christina McKinney

Page 67 of Make it! Patchwork, Summer 2016:

The ground walnut shells included in the materials list are not necessary for the construction of the Zipper Pouch, however, they are needed to make the Pinwheel Pincushion Pair by Amy Ellis (page 74) as noted on that project’s materials list.



Modern Patchwork, Spring 2015

Scales Quilt, Designed by Natalie Barnes

A modern quilt designed by Natalie Barnes called Scales Quilt

Page 99 of Modern Patchwork, Spring 2015:

The instructions for Step 3: Row 2 are incorrect. The correct instructions are as follows:

Remove triangle 7 and triangle 9 from the design wall. You will need to trim these triangles to make the correct angle for the pink triangle to fit in. To do this, Make a mark 6 3/4” from the left side of Piece 7. Connect the mark with the upper right point of the outside trim line. Cut on this line. Reverse the process to prepare Piece 9. Sew the pink triangle between these two trimmed triangles using 1/4” seams.

A PDF of the revised images for the Scales Quilt is available to download here.

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