Everybody Loves a Log Cabin


I firmly believe that log cabin quilts are a Can’t Go Wrong quilt pattern. First of all, they’re beginner-friendly and easy to make. Secondly, they have innumerable variations and can be tailored to any taste.


I’m still riding high on the sense of satisfaction I have from finishing my very first log cabin quilt last week after being a quilter for 20 years (it’s also my first finish of 2018, so I have double the satisfaction).


20180115-everybody-loves-a-log-cabin-log-fl-12932I posted photos of my quilt both on my personal Facebook page and on Instagram, and the responses I’ve gotten all testify to the broad appeal that a simple log cabin quilt has for quilters and non-quilters alike; in fact, it’s my most-liked Instagram post to date by far. Aside from using three color families—red, taupe and ivory—instead of just two, my log cabin is very simple and classic, nothing flashy about it. Which, I guess, is the whole point. The log cabin design is just so strong on its own that you don’t have to do much for fantastic results.

For a more sophisticated look, associate editor Gigi Khalsa chose Kinabalu, a log cabin pattern designed by Jinny Beyer, as one of her I Love This Quilt! remakes for McCall’s Quilting. Her blog posts about making and finishing it continue to be enormously popular, and for good reason: it’s stunning. (Be sure to click through to download the free pattern for Kinabalu for yourself.)

Kinabalu remake by Gigi Khalsa

Kinabalu remake by Gigi Khalsa

20180115-everybody-loves-a-log-cabin-log-fl-12935If you have someone on your list for whom you want to make a quilt but you’re just not sure what might appeal to them, I recommend making them a log cabin quilt in colors you know they like. Whether you go with one of many fantastic variations or stick with a tradtional look, your gift will be sure to be a hit.

20180115-everybody-loves-a-log-cabin-log-fl-12931And if you’re a beginning quilter or even an aspiring quilter, a log cabin quilt is your best bet. As I said, from a technical standpoint they’re easy to put together. You just need to know a few of the basics.

That’s where Kate Colleran comes in. Kate is a talented and experienced quilter, teacher and designer, not to mention genuine and down-to-earth. She has three on-demand video courses on making log cabin quilts that should be of interest to quilters of all skill levels.

Her first course is “Log Cabin Blocks for Beginners”, in which she talks about how to cut and pick your fabrics, the importance of your seam allowance (trust me—it’s VERY important) and how to make your first block.


In the second course, Kate shows a wide variety of variations, such as chain blocks, courthouse steps, block center variations and quarter log cabin blocks, as well as how you can utilize paper piecing and applique to create beautiful spin-offs of the traditional block.

Log Cabin Blocks for Beginners

And in the third course, Kate explores log cabin quilts with a modern twist, demonstrating curvy, wonky and even improvisational block designs, perfect for the intermediate to advanced quilter.

There’s something for everyone in this series of log cabin on-demand video courses, and you’ll be able to incorporate everything you learn into a wide array of design opportunities for as long as you’re a quilter. Try out your new skills with these free Log Cabin quilt patterns and then download even more free Log Cabin quilt patterns—the perfect place to start!

Remember: no matter who it’s for, you just can never go wrong with a log cabin quilt.

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