100 | Exclusive Quilt Remix Series Preview

Quilt Remix | Kelly Bowser | Runtime (>1 min)

Sometimes you find a quilt pattern and want to make it exactly like the quilt pattern, using the same colors the original quilt’s designer used, the exact layout, and even the same fabric collections. Other times, there’s something about a quilt’s pattern that you love, but you’d like to make it your own.

Quilt Remix focuses on many different ways you can make a quilt your own, starting with a different vintage or traditional quilt pattern each month, and making it modern. Host Kelly Bowser will present her modern twist on the original pattern, and her featured guest for that month will also present her/his modern twist on the original pattern. Both Kelly and guest will demonstrate new techniques that helped them in making their quilt variations, and in the fourth segment of each month, longarm quilter Lynn Bell will demonstrate ways to complete your quilt with modern quilting (and sometimes traditional or contemporary quilting)!

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