Exploding Stars

Well, it was that time again—time to design a new block for Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks,
vol. 9. I was thinking about what might make a fun block, and then all of a sudden it hit me. Exploding Stars is my new block. I used batiks from Hoffman California Fabrics.

Exploding Stars, block #829

This time the inspiration for a new design was easy. Star Glow, the block I designed for 100 Blocks, vol. 5 got a lot of positive feedback, so I thought I would try something similar.

QMMS 120022 BEAM Exploding Stars

Star Glow, block #446

I love star blocks and playing around with star variations. I like the idea of different sized stars within the block. I had already played with the Evening Star so for my new block, I used the Friendship Star. I started with one large star in the top corner and realized I could tuck another large star in the bottom corner. That still left two corners so I put smaller stars there. Only one large star is a complete star—the rest are tucked behind so only part of them shows.

Here are a couple layouts showing 16 blocks.

carolynquilt1 Exploding Stars

Layout #1

This layout has the blocks rotated so the small red stars meet where 4 blocks intersect and 4 small green stars meet in the center.

carolynquilt2 Exploding Stars

Layout #2

This layout has the large blue stars meeting where 4 blocks intersect and large orange stars meeting in the center. Which one do you like best?

Next time maybe I’ll try combining different types of stars to see what happens. I think the possibilities are endless.  What’s your favorite type of quilt block to play with?

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