Feathered Star Love

Bordered Feather Star web 300x300 Feathered Star LoveWhenever someone asks me what my favorite quilt block is I always say Feathered Star. I have loved these blocks since I began quilting almost 30 years ago. But, true confession, I was too chicken to try one for a long time. I finally found Marsha McCloskey’s books and gave one a try. Of course I had to add a little applique (right, click for larger image), that’s just what I do.

I loved her technique and I was even more hooked. So I made a few more!

Five Feathered Stars web 300x300 Feathered Star Love Simple Feathered Star web 300x300 Feathered Star Love

Marsha and I 150x150 Feathered Star LoveA couple of years ago Marsha came to our office to film her Feathered Star Quilting Techniques course and I got to meet her. She even used my sewing machine!

Ruler 150x150 Feathered Star LoveIn this course you will learn all her amazing techniques for making these blocks. She even has a ruler to help with cutting.

The one technique she teaches that I have found so valuable is her bias-strip piecing to make all those little feathers. Here’s a sneak peak of what you will learn.

Feathered Star 4 300x200 Feathered Star Love Feathered Star 5 300x199 Feathered Star Love

I sure wish there had been a course like this when I was learning! If you love these blocks you won’t want to miss it.

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