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finding color inspiration 2 300x200 Finding Color Inspiration

finding color inspiration 3 150x150 Finding Color InspirationHave you ever had trouble finding color inspiration? I have to admit, sometimes I do. I have my usual ways of playing with color but lately I’ve wanted to try something different. During the summer months I spend as much time as I can outside snapping pictures of all the pretty flowers. I have quite a collection! When I looked at all these lovely pictures it dawned on me that they make great starting points for coming up with color palettes that I really love. The photos at the top are 2 of my all time favorites so I thought I would start there.

My first place to look for fabric is my stash. I have it all arranged by color as you can see above.

finding color inspiration 4 300x200 Finding Color Inspiration finding color inspiration 5 300x225 Finding Color Inspiration

For my sunflowers I found these fabrics seemed to capture the colors in the photo (above, left). I don’t have a quilt in mind for this palette yet so I thought it might be fun to make a little collage to save (above, right).

finding color inspiration 6 300x200 Finding Color Inspiration finding color inspiration 7 300x254 Finding Color Inspiration

Here’s what I did with my poppies (above).

I’m going make a little notebook of these collages. That way whenever I need some inspiration it’s all ready to go.

Next time I’ll show you some tricks to use if you don’t have a color stash.

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