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When finishing a quilt, most quilters add some sort of binding and–if the quilt will be displayed on a wall–a hanging sleeve. But many forgo a label.


Often the answer is “not enough time” or “it’s not necessary,” or even “I always forget.” But there are good reasons to attach quilt labels to your artwork.

From a practical standpoint, putting a label on a quilt is essential if you are going to submit it to a show or publication, for identification. Paperwork might get lost, but a secure quilt label stays with the artwork.

Kristine Lundblad’s quilt label names the quilt challenge and credits the other
quilters involved, plus her name and the date completed. She chose the coffee cup
shape to echo a motif on the front of the quilt.

Even if your quilt never leaves your home, years down the road, someone will want to know who made the quilt, when, and for what purpose, and you may not be there to provide the information.

Quilt labels also act as the signature on your work of art. You put in a lot of hard work-you should get the credit!

There are many ways to make quilt labels. Here are some tips and quilt label ideas for you to consider.

  • One of the simplest ways to make a quilt label is to write the information with a fine-point, permanent pen onto a rectangle of fabric and fuse or hand stitch the label onto the back of the quilt.
  • You can type up the information into a Word doc using a font you like and use an inkjet printer to print the label onto fabric sheets prepared for this purpose. (To avoid wasting the fabric, fill the sheet with some generic labels with “Made by [your name]” and a place to write in the date.)

    one of diane harris inkjet printed quilt labels
    Diane Harris combined an inkjet-printed quilt label with a pieced border
    using novelty fabric, for this quilt she gave to her grandson.
  • You can also buy pre-printed fabric labels and fill in the information.
  • At minimum, include your name, the date, and the title of the quilt, if it has one. Some people like to include their website or a phone number. If the quilt was made for a specific person or purpose, you could add that, too.
  • Some quilters like to make the label in a shape that reflects the theme or motif of the quilt. A simple daisy shape for a floral quilt, for example.

    quilt labels that tell a story jennings homestead
    The Jennings Homestead Slice Quilt made by the 27 members of the Milwaukee Art Quilters
    has two stories: one for the Homestead revival and another for the quilt. This is just a portion
    of the unusual label made for this distinctive quilt.
    See a larger view of the entire label in our Online Extras gallery.
  • If the quilt has a special story attached to it, literally attach the story in a large label and consider including an image, too. The inkjet-printer method works best for this type of quilt label.

The point is, quilt labels can be plain or fancy–just don’t forget them so no one forgets you!

Learn more about finishing a quilt, including how to bind a quilt, in Susan Brubaker Knapp’s Quilting Arts Workshop Fabulous Finishes: Seven Techniques for Binding, Facing, Framing, and Hanging a Quilt.

P.S. Do you label your quilts? Share your quilt label ideas in the space below.

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