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The Autumn Festival of Quilts 2017 issue is filled with quilt patterns and projects for a warm and cozy Fall! Come in and take a look around!

We welcome the freshness of fall with this special issue of Autumn Festival of Quilts. If the change in season and the shortening of days makes you eager to get a jump on some new quilting projects, you’re not alone. Turn the pages to see some clever ideas for new quilts and seasonal décor. Kim Zenk and Katie Hebblewhite of Granny’s Legacy have created a series of rustic little woolen mats to reflect the hues of fall. Wendy Sheppard has made the perennial favorite block, the Log Cabin, into a pretty maple leaf throw pillow called Log Cabin Leaves. If you’re looking for a cozy but quick quilt, try Colleen Tauke’s Dad’s Plaids rag quilt. Or, make the adorable (and glow in the dark!) quilt Boogeyman by Angie Milligan. Our staff has even included a few of their favorite fall recipes for you to enjoy. So, page through, pick out a new project or two to start, and enjoy stitching through this season!

Quilts Featured In This Issue

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