508 | Four Patch Pincushion with Rickrack and Buttons

Lessons in Creativity | Jenny Kae Parks | Runtime (20 min)

The four patch center of the main block in Shadow Boxes doesn’t have to only be used for the blocks. It can also be used for an adorable pincushion! Jenny demonstrates an easy method for sewing on the decorative buttons she added and shows how to add the bottom part of the pincushion to the top on the Pfaff sewing machine. Once the two layers are almost all the way sewn together, the next step is to turn the pincushion right side out. The rickrack trim Jenny had previously basted onto the four-patch now pokes out the sides of the pincushion, and Jenny shows how to fill it with a ground walnut shell stuffing and hand-sew the opening closed.

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