Free Asian Quilt Patterns

Free Asian-inspired quilt patterns

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Unique, stunning and beautiful, Asian quilts are popular for their fabulous patterns and fabrics. Using bright, beautiful batik quilting fabrics, Asian quilts combine ornamental Far East-influenced fabrics and detailed quilting patterns to create intricate looks. If you have any Asian quilt prints in your stash, these free quilting patterns from The Quilting Company are perfect for your next quilting project.

This free ebook from The Quilting Company has all of the details you need for quilting each of these Asian quilts:

  • The Chinoiserie Asian quilt pattern created by using fusible web and quilting applique for a speedier quilting process.
  • The Oriental Lanterns Asian quilt pattern created with large quilt blocks to help speed up the process of quilting.
  • The Kimono Rose Asian quilt pattern inspired by enchanting geishas, lovely formal gardens, and waterfalls.

Bed-sized Asian quilt pattern

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Known for ornamental designs and intricate floral quilt details, Asian quilts are loved both for their brightness and for how beautiful they are. Whether you’re making a bed-sized quilt or working on a quilt to use as a wall hanging, Asian quilts are versatile enough for numerous applications. In fact, with their bright and vibrant patterns, Asian quilts are perfect for completing any DIY decor plans you have.

Asian Quilts for Beginners

Free Asian Quilt Pattern #1: Chinoiserie

This bed-sized quilt pattern combines stunning oriental star quilt shapes with vibrant batik quilting fabrics. The quilt also features a pieced border assembly and block assembly diagram to help quilters learn how to quilt this free quilting pattern. Small triangle block quilt units and hand applique quilting patterns are accompanied by a Sew Easy quilting lesson to make this quilting pattern that much easier to quilt.

Lantern Quilting Pattern

Free Asian Quilt Pattern #2: Oriental Lanterns

Designer Patti Carey uses oriental lantern blocks to create a vibrant Asian quilt. Large blocks in mixed fabrics work together perfectly to create a bed-sized quilt filled with color. Using fat quarters and paper-backed fusible web, this quilt whips up in no time. Setting blocks, setting triangles and a sweet quilted border complete this Asian quilt pattern with style.

Wall Hanging Quilt Pattern

Free Asian Quilt Pattern #3: Kimono Rose

Bringing to mind enchanting geishas, Asian gardens, and eastern waterfalls, this free Asian quilting pattern by Janet Houts is filled with life and spirit. This wall hanging Asian quilt combines floral elements like flowers of mixed sizes and hand quilted applique to finish this stunning quilt.

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If you love free quilting patterns with stunning details, you will love these Asian quilts complete with detailed instructions. Numerous floral quilt details, bright batik quilting fabrics and hand quilting applique make these quilt patterns unique. This free eBook also comes complete with a how-to-sew guide illustrating how to create windowing effects with fusible applique.

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