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Basket Quilt Patterns for Traditional Quilters!

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For many quilters, basket quilt patterns create a warm, springtime feeling. Basket quilts date from the eighteenth century and are still among some of the best-loved quilt designs due to their clever shape. Their variety, versatility, and charm give them special appeal for the quilter. Whether used individually in a small quilt project or in quantity for a complete quilt, baskets perfectly exemplify the tradition of patchwork quilts and applique designs inspired by everyday household objects. Each of these free basket quilt patterns is perfect for quilters looking for a traditional quilt pattern that still looks fresh and new.

This free eBook comes complete with everything you need to learn how to quilt each of the basket quilt patterns below. Quilting patterns included in this free eBook include:

  • The Fresh Flowers basket quilt pattern featuring quilt applique flowers and the signature folk-art style of quilt designer Pat Sloan.
  • The Petite Baskets quilt pattern that features French fabrics, patchwork basket quilt designs and adorable fabrics quilt designer Marianne Fons collected from France.
  • The Baskets in the Garden quilt pattern featuring 1930 quilting fabrics and a scrappy quilt look.
  • The Yo-Yo Basket Pillow quilt pattern featuring an antique quilt look thanks to reproduction quilt fabrics.

This free eBook from The Quilting Company is perfect for basket quilt lovers!

Flower Pot Basket Quilt
If you love basket quilt patterns, then you already know the charm that basket quilts hold. Using simple quilt designs and fabulous quilt applique patterns, each of the quilt patterns in this eBook will inspire you. You will be able to learn how to quilt a stunning basket quilt thanks to this adorable trio and quilt patterns coupled with a simple quilted pillow pattern. We know you’re going to love each of these basket quilts!


Free Basket Quilt Pattern #1: Fresh Flowers

This sweet basket quilt pattern features appliqué quilt flowers baskets that really showcase designer Pat Sloan’s signature folk-art style. Both fat quarter friendly and fat eight friendly, this free quilt pattern is a dream for a quilter’s stash. Featuring only 4 (14″ x 14″) quilt blocks, this basket quilt pattern even features the quilt appliqué templates to help make the pattern pop. Consider using different quilt fabrics to make this wall hanging quilt pattern fit any DIY décor.


Free Basket Quilt Pattern #2: Petite Baskets

This sweet basket quilt combines 12 basket quilt blocks and 6 flower quilt blocks together with the inspiration designer Marianne Fons found in France to create a simple quilt. This precious mini quilt features a quilt top assembly diagram along with a block assembly diagram that helps this quilt come together in no time.

1930 Basket Quilt Pattern

Free Basket Quilt Pattern #3: Baskets in the Garden

Featuring stunning 1930s traditional quilt fabrics and prints, this scrappy basket quilt pattern features dimensional quilt applique and a unique border corner treatment for a beautiful look. 20 basket quilt blocks and several buttons provide the perfect finishing touch to this stunning quilt. The quilting motifs used on this quilt are inspired by flowers and butterflies, bringing together numerous elements into one simple quilt pattern.


Free Basket Quilt Pattern #4: Yo-Yo Basket Pillow

Inspired by a pillow that belongs to a friend of the designer, this quilted pillow pattern uses reproduction fabrics and decorative buttons for the centers of some flowers. This easy quilting pattern is a perfect square without ruffles but you can add the ruffles outlined in this quilting pattern for the perfect finishing touch. You’ll also learn how to make yo-yo circles in the included Sew Easy quilting and sewing lesson.

*By providing your email address you will begin to receive our newsletters, special offers and more free content from The Quilting Company.