Free Heart Quilts eBook

Free hearts quilt ebook

Download Your Free Heart Quilts eBook from The Quilting Company Now!

Heart quilts are popular with many quilters because of the loving look that they create. Many heart quilts also feature one of the most popular quilt fabric colors of all times red. These three free heart quilt patterns also represent three different types of quilts: table runner quilt pattern, wall quilt, and a lap quilt. Whether you’re looking for a simple table runner to adorn your table or a gorgeous wall hanging quilt to complement your DIY decor, you will find a heart quilt that you love. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the heart shape, each of these stunning heart quilts is likely to change your mind.

This free eBook from The Quilting Company comes complete with everything you need to learn how to quilt each of the free heart quilt patterns below. Quilting patterns included in this free eBook include:

  • The I Wooly Love Ewe traditional stepping stone quilt block pattern featuring playful quilt appliqué combined with an adorable design to make a stunning wall quilt.
  • The Love Song quilt pattern featuring fussy cut quilt squares from a valentine quilt fabric and borders for a stunning quilted table runner.
  • The Stars of My Heart quilt pattern featuring quilt appliqué hearts on a pieced quilt background.

Download your free heart quilt eBook from The Quilting Company now to get started on a beautiful quilt!

Size Option Charts for Heart QuiltsThis free eBook from The Quilting Company is perfect for lovers of stunning quilt patterns as well as lovers of heart quilt designs. Included in this free eBook is a Sew Easy lesson to help you learn the best way to cut and construct flying geese quilt units. These triangle quilt units are popular in many different quilt patterns and featured prominently in the Stars of my Heart quilt pattern featured in this eBook. The variation of quilt patterns featured in this eBook will keep even the most fickle quilter busy.

Wall Hanging Heart Quilt

Free Heart Quilt Pattern #1: I Wooly Love Ewe

This stunning heart wall quilt pattern features several adorable quilt blocks with sheep appliqué. Ewe will love how precious each quilt block looks next to these appliqué heart quilt blocks! This traditional stepping stone quilt block pattern is the perfect wall hanging quilt pattern for someone special in your life. The unique and playful appliqué elements make this stunning quilt pop right off the wall as the perfect touch for any DIY decor. This quilt combines 12 stepping stone quilt blocks with 9 sheep quilt blocks and 4 heart quilt blocks to create a quilt you will love!

Table Topper Heart Quilt

Free Heart Quilt Pattern #2: Love Song

This quick and easy quilted table runner pattern features quick, bold borders for an easy quilt anyone will love. The table runner assembly for this easy quilting pattern is bold enough to pop right off of your table. The heart quilting motif is the perfect touch to adorn this precious pattern. Feel free to use valentine quilt fabrics or other red quilting fabrics to create the perfect table runner to match your decor.

Traditional Heart Quilt

Quilt Pattern #3: Stars of My Heart

Quilt designer Nancy Mahoney uses quilt appliquéd hearts on a pieced quilt background featuring floral fabrics perfect for Valentines Day or any holiday. This quilt features intermediate difficulty and only has 6 (20) quilt blocks that help make a traditional looking quilt pattern. This quilt also features two size options and a Sew Easy quilting lesson to help you develop flying geese quilt units.

Each of these heart quilt patterns is perfect for creating a stunning quilt that you will love to give to friends and family as a gift. You might even consider making one of these quilts to decorate in your own home. The gift of a quilt can make anyone feel loved whether the event is Valentines Day or any other basic day.