Free Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Free quilted homemade Christmas ornament projects

How to Make Ornaments and Handmade Gifts: 6 Free Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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When it comes to family, we are all trying to find the perfect handmade Christmas gifts for friends and family. From Christmas snowmen to dove ornaments to cathedral window ornaments, these easy ornaments will make a great gift for everyone on your list. Presented by Marianne Fons and Liz Porter, these homemade Christmas ornament gifts will keep this holiday season simple.

Looking for homemade gift ideas? Let The Quilting Company help with these 6 Free Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas!

FlatOChristmasTree_200Handmade Christmas gifts go hand in hand with the joy of the holiday season. What better way to celebrate than by learning how to make ornaments with 6 Free Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas from The Quilting Company? Whether you’re an experienced quilter looking for Christmas applique ideas or are just looking for some quick Christmas arts and crafts projects, these homemade Christmas ornament ideas will help you learn everything from how to make quilted ornaments to Christmas snowmen.

Your Free Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas E-Book brings you the best holiday ideas and easy ornaments!
Have you always wanted to learn how to make Christmas ornaments? These easy ornaments will be ready for your tree in no time! These free homemade Christmas ornament ideas are ready to be made by YOU!


Christmas Snowmen: Yo-Man and Yo-Landa by Madge Ziegler

In the first of these homemade Christmas ornament ideas, bring the warmth of the classic Frosty the Snowman tale home to your family. This charming snow couple makes a great holiday decoration for your holiday table or an exciting Christmas tree ornament to be treasured for years. With a beaded nose and fluffy, easy to make ornament body, Yo-Man and Yo-Landa make a great winter couple.


Star Christmas Appliqu by Madge Ziegler

Madge Ziegler, a well-known name in the quilting community, brings to you an easy quilt Christmas ornament that uses reverse applique and classic holiday colors. This easy Christmas ornament idea takes the traditional idea of applique and makes it even simpler to bring together a quick ornament for your tree.


Trapunto Christmas Dove Ornament by Madge Ziegler

Using simple quilting techniques, this homemade Christmas ornament combines the seasonal Dove motif with a hand corded and stuffed method. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to make ornaments, this quilted ornament is a great project for Christmas. Consider making one as a stocking stuffer or Christmas accessory.


Cathedral Window Ornament by Madge Ziegler

For fans of traditional quilts or cathedral window patterns, this last minute gift idea is the perfect homemade Christmas ornament for your family. A great Christmas craft for kids, these holiday windows take on whatever imagery you choose to put in them. Personalize these ornaments with a favorite character or detail or even a photo!


English Basket Ornament by Madge Ziegler

This traditional homemade Christmas ornament pattern is great for beginners. 3D basket design and English paper piecing help this basket keep its shape while hanging on your tree. Use homemade ornaments to hold tiny treats in an advent calendar or just provide more body to your Christmas tree.


Christmas Applique Poinsettia Ornament by Madge Ziegler

The classical flower of the Christmas season, the poinsettia is simple to incorporate into your Christmas decorations with this easy Christmas applique technique. Learn new sewing skills like the French knot while creating this homemade Christmas ornament for your family today!

Hurry now to get these Homemade Christmas Ornaments made by Christmas!

With the six homemade Christmas ornament ideas in this free E-book, you’re destined to find the right fit for your homemade gift ideas. From the Christmas snowman to the poinsettia ornament, these handmade Christmas gifts will show how much you really care.

Each of these handmade Christmas ornament ideas offers easy ornaments to make, quick arts and craft projects and simple instructions. Whether you are an experienced quilter who already loves The Quilting Company or a budding sewer, these projects fit all skill sets.

You’ll find your holiday spirit in each of these six holiday gift ideas in 6 Free Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas from The Quilting Company. If this free E-book doesn’t make it feel like the holiday season, the look on the face of your family and friends when they get these handmade ornaments will change that!

*By providing your email address you will begin to receive our newsletters, special offers and more free content from The Quilting Company.

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