Free Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

Free log cabin quilt patterns

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Log Cabin quilts are favorites with quilters of all skill levels. The simple construction of the basic Log Cabin Quilt Block makes these designs easy enough for beginners, and the versatility of their design keeps even advanced quilters interested and excited to make them.

This free Log Cabin Quilt Pattern eBook from The Quilting Company gives you 3 unique Log Cabin quilt designs including:

  • “Log Cabin Legacy” designed by associate editor Sherri Bain Driver, a queen size log cabin quilt with a barn-raising setting, made with a scrappy assortment of richly colored solid fabrics.
  • “Caribbean Blue” designed by Jan Douglas, a lap size pastel beauty made with batik fabrics in a unique setting.
  • “Cherry Jubilee” designed by Kathleen Anderson-Weber, which turns Log Cabin Blocks into backgrounds for sweet touches of fruit appliqu.

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Download Your Free Log Cabin Quilt Patterns eBook Now!

Quilters of all skill levels can make Log Cabin quilt designs successfully! Log Cabin quilt patterns are perfect for using scrap and stash fabrics, just like quilters of the past. And few quilt designs are as instantly recognizable as a Log Cabin quilt pattern. Family and friends will happily cuddle up under your unique creations when you work with the patterns in this free eBook. Whether you want to make simple blocks and set them in basic rows, step things up with a diagonal setting, or focus on color and value with a barn-raising setting, there’s a quilt pattern here for your next Log Cabin project.

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Your free eBook comes with all the instructions, diagrams, photographs, and templates you will need to make any or all of these 3 Log Cabin quilt patterns. Follow the pattern from fabric selection and cutting to the final binding stitch for a quilt just like the one you see pictured, or use these free quilt patterns as inspiration for your own Log Cabin quilt design!

Log Cabin Legacy FREE Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

“Log Cabin Legacy”

Richly colored solid fabrics give this Log Cabin quilt drama and graphic impact. The barn raising setting creates a medallion effect for this 79″ x 97″ quilt, a nice size for a full or queen bed. Strips are cut to exact size using a handy cutting chart, to keep finished block size uniform. A simple border finishes this log cabin quilt design in traditional style.

Caribbean Blue FREE Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

“Caribbean Blue”

Pastel batik fabrics in colors of the ocean bring tranquillity to this one-of-a-kind Log Cabin quilt design. The unique setting combines straight-set and diagonally-set blocks with a striking pieced border for a Log Cabin quilt like no other. Tips for labeling fabrics and diagrams for trimming the setting triangles will help you make this quilt with ease and success.

Cherry Jubilee FREE Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

“Cherry Jubilee”

If you love to combine piecing and applique in your quilt making, this is the Log Cabin quilt pattern for you! Classic Log Cabin quilt blocks are made using the piece-then-trim technique that many quilters of old favored for its speed and ease. Blocks are then stitched together in groups of four to serve as the background for fruity applique shapes. The result…a yummy quilt everyone will admire!

These free Log Cabin Quilt Patterns are so heart-warming! Get started on one now!

Follow the fabric placement in these Log Cabin quilt patterns exactly to recreate the featured quilts, or spread your wings and work out your own fabric combinations to make these patterns truly yours. Either way, you’ll end up with a familiar, comforting Log Cabin quilt design that you, your family, and friends will all admire. This classic style of quilting is a wonderful way to use fabric scraps and stash fabrics. Log Cabin quilts are true icons of the quilter’s art, and every quilter should have one or more in their quilt collection. Treat yourself to making one of these Log Cabin quilts soon!

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Perfect for any quilter, we know you’ll love these free Log Cabin Quilt Patterns!
Quilters the world over have been making Log Cabin quilt designs for generations. These classic quilts are easy enough for beginning quilters, but versatile enough to hold the interest of even advanced stitchers. Now you can have Log Cabin quilts in your own home, by making one or more projects from this free eBook including:

  • “Log Cabin Legacy” by associate editor Sherri Bain Driver, a queen size log cabin quilt with a barn-raising setting that Sherri made for her son, Ryan.
  • “Caribbean Blue” by Jan Douglas, a lap size pastel beauty made with batik fabrics and inspired by the colors of the ocean.
  • “Cherry Jubilee” by Kathleen Anderson-Weber, which combines Log Cabin Blocks with sweet touches of cheerful applique.

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