Free Log Cabin Quilt Patterns – Seriously!

Sometimes these things aren’t seen unless we announce them, although they live on our website

We just updated our free Log Cabin Quilt Patterns eBook with some stunning log cabin quilt patterns:

  • Mod Cabin:
    A traditional design with a modern take, the classic Log Cabin becomes a chevron design in this quick quilt. With 32 finished blocks that create a polished look, this fun and colorful quilt speaks of simplicity and harkens back to the history of log cabin designs as seen in contemporary quilt patterns.
  • Curved Log Cabin:
    Stunning is the perfect way to describe this quilt. Make it your own by using your stash! Go with a similar color scheme or change it up for a more personal feel. Log Cabin blocks are arranged to create a one-of-a-kind look. If you like a traditional feel to your contemporary quilts, this Log Cabin quilt pattern is the one for you.
  • Winding Ways:
    This quilt design is the result of taking traditional Log Cabin quilt blocks and playing with the arrangement. A darling of contemporary quilt patterns, Winding Ways uses identical Log Cabin blocks situated in a variety of ways to make a cohesive and interesting design that is bound to impress.
  • Sunshine & Shadows:
    Traditional Log Cabin quilt layouts include the Sunshine and Shadow design. We’ve taken that traditional design and made it our own in one of our favorite contemporary quilts. Use your scraps to make this quilt or purchase the quilt kit and have all of the fabrics sent to you.

Learn more about the history of Log Cabin quilts and the quilts featured in this free Ebook!

Each of these quilts in this free eBook from The Quilting Company tells a story about the Log Cabin design, its history, and they help to carry on a tradition that quilters have participated in since the mid-1800s. We show our passion for quilting through the quilts we make! These delightful quilts are perfect for home decor or as gifts for others.

Get your free Log Cabin Quilt Patterns eBook! And, for more free quilt patterns, take a look at our free eBook page.

Happy Quilting!

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