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Free pinwheel quilt patterns

Pinwheel Quilts eBook from The Quilting Company!

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Pinwheel quilts are the perfect example of a quilt pattern inspired by a real object. Whimsical and decorative, pinwheel quilts create gorgeous motifs that quilters return to time and time again. Youll love quilting the top of one of these beautiful pinwheel quilts so much, the pattern may become a favorite quilt pattern of yours for years to come. Pinwheel quilt blocks also vary in fabric choice and color, making it so easy to find the perfect quilt pattern for you.

In this free eBook from The Quilting Company, you’ll learn how to make each of the four quilt patterns below. Which of these pinwheel quilt patterns will be your favorite?

  • The Washtub Pinwheels quilt pattern, using pastel colors and 120 pinwheel quilt blocks to construct.
  • The Silk Pinwheels quilt pattern, using lush jewel-tone fabric colors to quilt make this elegant quilt.
  • The Wing Ding pinwheel quilt, combining large and small pinwheel blocks to make this gorgeous couch throw.
  • The Antique Pinwheels quilt pattern featuring a unique appliqued quilt border.

If you love pinwheel quilts, you’ll love this free eBook from The Quilting Company!

Bright and Modern Pinwheel QuiltWhimsical and friendly, pinwheels quilts make a great first quilt pattern for beginning quilters. For more experienced quilters, making pinwheel quilts can still be rewarding and challenging. Using different types of quilting fabrics like batik quilt fabrics or vibrant silks can change the whole aesthetic of a pinwheel quilt. Use your favorite quilting fabrics to make a simple pinwheel quilt pattern pop right off of the fabric!

Traditional Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Free Pinwheel Quilt Pattern #1: “Washtub Pinwheels”

Using fat quarters, this pastel colored pinwheel quilt brings to mind the 1930s, aprons, and housedresses. A vintage quilting pattern, this gorgeous quilt combines 120 pinwheel quilt blocks to create a stunning quilt. This pinwheel quilt pattern also features a sewing lesson from Sew Easy to help make quick half-square triangle quilt units easy. Learning this quilting tip will help you create this pinwheel quilt even quicker! Make sure when joining that all the triangle squares spin in the same direction for a unified look!

Modern Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Free Pinwheel Quilt Pattern #2: Silk Pinwheels

Using lush, gorgeous jewel tone colors, this elegant quilt is a great example of how to quilt with silk fabrics. While designer Lynn Koolish hand-dyed her fabrics the gorgeous colors used in the quilt, you can also use more traditional, hand-dyed quilting fabrics. If you’re up to the challenge of hand-dying your quilting fabrics, this free pinwheel quilt pattern contains a tutorial from Sew Easy lesson on how to dye silk fabrics in the microwave.

Fat Quarter Friendly Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Free Pinwheel Quilt Pattern #3: “Wing Ding”

Using a mixed combination of small and big pinwheel quilt blocks, this quilt pattern is fat quarter friendly. This bright and friendly quilting pattern creates a gorgeous vintage quilt aesthetic perfect for adorning your couch.

Antique Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Free Pinwheel Quilt Pattern #4: Antique Pinwheels

If you’re looking for a traditional quilting pattern, this Antique Pinwheels quilting pattern is perfect for those looking for nineteenth-century appeal. Featuring an appliqued quilt border, this quilt is framed with stunning detail. This classic quilting pattern features calico cotton pinwheels spinning from border to border!

Pinwheel quilt patterns are perfect for all seasons! Download now to get started on a gorgeous quilting pattern!

No matter what type of quilting patterns you are drawn to, pinwheel quilting patterns can have elements of interest for you. Those looking for more traditional quilting patterns will find a classic quilting pattern for a pinwheel quilt in this free eBook. Those looking for a more modern quilting pattern will love the touch of hand-dyed fabrics in Silk Pinwheels. Pinwheel quilts have such a wide variety of appeal and are sure to become one of your favorite types of quilting patterns!

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