Favorite Free Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns

Free fat quarter quilt patterns from The Quilting Company!

Do you ever visit your local quilt shop and find yourself drawn to the bin with assorted fat quarters? Sorted by color and fabric type, they’re kind of like little fabric snacks. They’re not whole yards of fabric, they’re neatly wrapped, quarter-yard fabrics in every motif you can imagine. To help use up some of those great fabric stashes, here are a few of our favorite free fat quarter quilt patterns!

Because fat quarters are sometimes made from leftover fabric the last from a bolt you’ll often find a huge variety of them at the quilt shop. A quilter could just pick up a few at a time just whatever catches their eye. Needless to say, that might lead to a whole pile (or drawer) of them in your quilting room!

Free Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns

Ohio Star Quilt by Liz Porter, one out of many lovely and free fat quarter quilt patterns!

Ohio Star Quilt by Liz Porter

Liz Porters’s scrap quilt, Ohio Star, is a testament to traditional quilts, which continue to inspire. The small hourglass units are the perfect size for accommodating the fabrics in your fat quarter stash.


After the Storm Quilt - Free fat quarter Quilt Patterns

After the Storm Quilt by Susan Emerson

Are you a fan of rainbow quilts? Considering all the pot of gold and leprechaun myths, there must be something magical about them. And they’re as eye-catching as they come. You’ll be pleased to know this quilt, After the Storm by Susan Emerson, is a fat quarter friendly quilt project. With just a few rainbow colored peeks of color through the grey, this modern quilt is reminiscent of the first sparkle of sun after a dark storm.


Kaye's Scrap Squares - Scrappy Quilt Patterns

Kayes Scrap Squares by Kaye England

Some of my favorite quilt patterns aren’t free fat quarter quilt patterns, but rather, offer free size charts, like Kayes Scrap Squares. This simple quilt speaks for itself. It’s a straightforward quilt, using up the bits of fat quarters in your fabric stash. Make this easy traditional quilt in just an afternoon. It’s a quilt-in-a-day quilt! I love those.


Attic Treasures Quilt - Quilt Patterns Using Fat Quarters

Attic Treasures by Diane Tomlinson

Attic Treasures is a fat-quarter friendly quilt project made using hourglass units.

Watch our free video quilting tutorial below, Sew Easy: Quick Hourglass Units, to learn how to make these units without cutting or sewing triangles:


Pomegranate Mountains Quilt - Quilt Patterns Using Fat Quarters

Pomegranate Mountains by Susan McDermott

Pomegranate Mountains is a gorgeous quilt, featuring the Tents of Armageddon quilt block in surprisingly bright Civil War reproduction fabric prints.


Idol Results Quilt - Quilt Patterns Using Fat Quarters

Idol Results by Mark Lipinski & Bonnie Green Espenshade.

Idol Results is featured in the Love of Quilting January/February 2013 issue. Quilt blocks in shades of dark blue and cream, placed on point, gives this quilt a winning design.


I like to take advantage of our free quilting eBooks, which I highly recommend to all quilters. We have an eBook called Free Quilt Patterns Using Fat Quarters, which features 4 of our best quilts that use fat quarters, and they’re all free to you with one easy download. As I said, I highly recommend it!

Enjoy all these fat quarter quilts! You’ll surely find inspiration for your next quilt project in this list.

Happy Quilting!

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