Free Quilt Patterns for Precut Quilt Fabric

Free quilt patterns for precut fabric

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Free Quilt Patterns for Precut Fabric PacksWhat quilter hasn’t succumbed to the lure and the sheer beauty of precut fabric bundles at the local quilt shop? From precut fabric strips to squares to fat quarter packs, it’s so easy to be attracted to these fabulous packages of quilter’s candy! Another benefit of the precut quilt fabric packages – outside of saving you some valuable cutting time – is that the packs already come with coordinating quilt fabrics, saving you the time of selecting fabrics that best fit together. Just pick up a pack of your favorite fabric cuts – like a fat quarter pack or packet of 10″ quilt fabric squares – and get started!

This free eBook from The Quilting Company is perfect for learning how to make each of the free precut fabrics quilting patterns shown below:

  • The “Americana Home” free precut fabric quilt pattern that uses several packages of matching Jelly Roll packs to create a patriotic full-size quilt that family members and guests alike will love.
  • The “Cottage Whispers” quilt pattern that takes 10″ precut fabric squares and turns them into a delightful lap quilt that will keep you cozy on even the coldest of days.
  • The “Abby’s Jacks” quilt design that uses your precut quilt fabrics to make a stunning lap quilt with 10 assorted fabric fat quarters.

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Your Free Quilt Patterns for Precut Fabrics eBook is Waiting for You! Download Now!

Precut quilt fabrics are an easy, attractive option for many quilters. The alluring fabric bundles combine beautiful prints together that make getting started on a quilt that much easier. For quilters who don’t like to cut numerous pieces from yards and yards of fabric, something like a fat quarter pack can also save a lot of time. Precut quilt fabrics help to speed up cutting, getting you from fabric purchase to the sewing machine in a minimum amount of time. Break out that quilter’s candy and get started on a beautiful quilt you’ll be quilting in no time!

Your eBook is waiting! Download now to get started on one of these free precut quilt patterns!

Your free eBook comes with all the instructions, diagrams, photographs, and templates you will need to make any or all of these 3 perfect-for-precuts quilt patterns. Use your Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, and fat quarters to make beautiful quilts, quickly! Take a look at the inspiration waiting for you!

Free quilt pattern for precut fabric: Americana Home

Free Quilt Patterns for Precut Fabric #1: Americana Home

Designed by Lisa Christensen, this full-size quilt pattern features 99 pieced quilt blocks. This quilt is quickly put together thanks to forty 2 1/2″ width of fabric strips. This free quilt pattern for precut fabrics makes construction easy and fun. Divide up your fabrics in 3 different groups: light strips, dark strips, and the remainder. Combined, you will end up with a stunning finished quilt that you will want to use on any bed in your home. You’ll even have a few fabric strips left over at the end of the assembly for a future project.

Cottage Whispers quilt pattern for precut fabric

Free Quilt Patterns for Precut Fabric #2: Cottage Whispers

The country chic feeling of this free quilt pattern for pre-cut fabric is perfect for making a feminine quilt you will love to show others. Designed by McCall’s Quilting’s own Beth Hayes, this quilt features a ladylike look you will adore. Whether you start with a pack of precut 10″ fabric squares (Layer Cake) or yardage, this throw quilt is fabulously fast. In fact, you might want to sew one of these for a friend as well.

Abby's Jack precut fabric quilt pattern

Free Quilt Patterns for Precut Fabric #3: Abby’s Jacks

Take a few of your fat quarter quilt fabrics and put them together to make this lovely quilt. Designed by Kathy Brown and composed of 50 Jack quilt blocks, we know you’ll love working on this quilt almost as much as you’ll love admiring it. This lap quilt is perfect for keeping you warm on a cold evening as well as decorating your living room space with style and flair.

These Free Quilt Patterns for Precut Fabrics Will Help Shorten Your Cutting Time and Maximize Your Quilting – Download Now!

Using precut quilt fabrics is a great way to extend the amount of time you spend sewing at your machine and cut down on the time spent cutting away with your favorite rotary tool. If you’re one of those quilters who feels that cutting takes too long and you don’t get to spend enough time at the machine, then a precut fabric pack may be the perfect fit for you. Even if you feel like your quilting time is balanced, you can still end up with a lovely finished product that much quicker thanks to these prepackaged fabrics!

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