3 Free Quilted Potholder Patterns

Free quilted potholder projects

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3 Free quilted potholder patternsWhether you love to cook or not, we all have to eat at some point. Use this free eBook from The Quilting Company to personalize your kitchen with these free quilted hot pot patterns. Even if you aren’t a whiz kid in the kitchen, you can easily foundation piece a few of these adorable potholders and have a stylish kitchen. Whether you choose to only use these free quilted potholder patterns to whip up your favorite veggie or create a whole bounty, this free eBook is one to hold on to. Potholders make easy, quick quilted gifts for anyone in your life. Who doesn’t love to give or get the touch of a handmade gift?

This free eBook from The Quilting Company comes complete with everything you need to learn how to foundation piece each of the fun fruit and vegetable shapes outlined below:

  • The corn and pumpkin free quilted hot pad pattern that shows you how to make quick quilted gifts for everyone in your life. They’re small so be sure that you make a bunch once you get started!
  • A bonus eggplant, tomato and watermelon shaped quilt block pattern to help you develop a full bounty in your kitchen!
  • A free quilt setting for combining the patterns into a wall-hanging perfect for any country or shabby chic kitchen motif.

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Each of the free potholder patterns in this eBook will help you master the technique of foundation paper-piecing that you’ll be able to use for some time to come. Whether you make one potholder or all of them you can still follow The Quilting Company’s own Denise Starck’s ideas for settings and create a table runner or wall quilt. Imagine a precious wall quilt featuring some of your favorite foods decorating the walls of your kitchen! Be sure to hang it near the kitchen or you might get hungry!

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This free eBook includes everything you need to learn how to quilt each of the designs featured below:

Free quilted potholder pattern: Pick a Peck

Pick a Peck

These quick hot pads are the perfect easy project for anyone who wants to make gifts for friends and family members. While these precious quilted hot pads are perfect for holiday and birthday gifts, they’d also make a thoughtful housewarming gift or hostess present. You can also easily customize the tan print used as the background fabric in this DIY decor to fit any kitchen or home decor. These potholders come together so fast that they’d even be a sweet additional touch when giving the gift of baked goods or a roast to someone you love.

Free potholder patterns with fruits!

Bonus Tomato, Bonus Watermelon and Bonus Eggplant

As if the original free foundation pieced potholder patterns featuring a corn on the cob and pumpkin weren’t sweet enough, this free eBook also includes the bonus patterns for a tomato, watermelon, and eggplant to help complete a true bounty. If you’re working on these wonderfully quilted potholders as a gift, you can make sure to include some of their favorites as part of their mix.

Free pot holder pattern: Setting Ideas

Setting Ideas

While these free potholder patterns are perfect for making hot pads to protect your and your loved ones from hot items in the kitchen, there are also a few other ideas on how to use these sweet quilt blocks. Shared in this free eBook is a setting created by Quiltmaker’s own Graphic Designer Denise Starck. You can use these settings to create your own quilted table runner or quilted wall quilt. Decorate your home with your favorite combinations of these adorable fruits and vegetables.

Your Free Potholder Patterns eBook can be Yours in Minutes! Download Now!

So many quilters find themselves looking for quick and easy quilt projects—especially if they can make good use of their scrap fabrics. Each of these quilted potholders comes together in no time and puts to good use those little scraps we all hold on to. Since you can even use these precious quilt blocks to make your own quilted table runner or wall quilt, the possibilities are endless!

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