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Free quilt patterns for kids

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If there’s a special little lady or man in your life, you probably already discovered the joy of working on quilts for kids. The little ones look so cozy cuddled up in a handmade quilt crafted with love by Mom, Dad, Grandma, or whoever! Kid quilts are the perfect way to infuse a little bit of joy into the life of a special child by creating them a quilt all of their own! From how to sew plush fabrics to making diamond quilt units, each of the free kid quilt patterns in this eBook from The Quilting Company shows you how to make a fabulous kid quilt all while learning some fun quilting basics. Fun to stitch together in no time flat, these quilts also make the perfect gift for expectant mothers or birthdays. You can also mix up your fabric selection to turn these adorable quilts into “boy quilts” or “girl quilts” or a quilt themed to one of their special interests!

This free eBook from The Quilting Company comes complete with everything you need to learn how to make each of the precious kid quilts shown below including:
“Warm Fuzzies,” an adorable kid quilt that uses simple piecing and plush fabrics to add dimension and style.
“Baby Harlequin,” featuring sweet diamond quilt units that add sparkle to any nursery or child’s room.
“Space Camp,” the perfect quilt for the little adventurer in your life looking to blast off to the stars!

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One of the best parts of quilting can be working on quilt projects intended to be given to someone else. Whether you love working on baby quilt patterns for charity donations or have made several wedding ring quilts for newlyweds, it can be such a joy to craft your love into your finished project. Each of these quilts for kids can provide that same feeling as you sew your patches together with the intention of being given to a special someone in mind! If you’re crafting for your own child or a child you spend a lot of time with, consider taking them fabric shopping with you to let them help pick out their fabrics. Not only will they love playing a role in creating their own quilt but it can help to inspire a love of quilting in their life all while making their finished object more special!

Your Free Quilts for Kids eBook is Waiting! Download Now and Enjoy!
This free eBook comes complete with all of the how to instructions needed for the kid quilt patterns shown below. Follow along to create your own version of each quilt or mix things up to create something entirely different! Have fun!

A Sweet Girl Quilt Pattern

“Warm Fuzzies” designed by Terry Albers

Adorable cotton prints combine with plush fabrics by Shannon to create a textured-treat of a quilt for your favorite little kid. Shown here in floral quilt fabrics and fun pink prints, this would make the perfect girl quilt for the little princess in your life. You could also mix up the palette entirely to create a more masculine quilt for a little boy! Use your imagination combined with our photo tutorial on how to piece quilt units using plush fabrics and you’ll have a finished product in no time!

Baby Quilt for Kids - Adorable!

“Baby Harlequin” designed by Pat Proctor

If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with diamond quilt units but have been hesitant to start, let this adorable kid quilt change your mind! Featuring various diamond shaped quilt units, this adorable little baby quilt uses fast cutting and piecing techniques to have you speeding through the assembly! Be sure to handle all of your bias edges carefully so as to avoid distortion and you’ll be set! Use your favorite colors in the same family to create a unified look or use various scraps to create a more scrappy aesthetic.

Boy Quilt for Kids!

“Space Camp” designed by Chloe Anderson and Colleen Reale for Toadusew

Blast off for fabric fun with this appliqué quilt pattern that’s perfect for the little adventurer in your life. If you know someone who loves spaceships or playing an astronaut, this is the perfect quilt to indulge their imagination! Bright quilt fabrics are perfect in quilts for kids because they increase stimulation and are sure to please. You could even back your quilt with a snuggly fabric of a thicker weight to make it that much more cozy for your little one!

Quilts For Kids Are So Much Fun To Make! Get Your Free eBook Now!

Working on a quilt for kids can fill you with joy in a unique way. If you’ve never worked on a quilt for the little one in your life, it provides you a wonderful way to infuse your love of quilting into your finished quilt. If this isn’t the first quilt your special recipient has received, these free kid quilt patterns provide you with the perfect opportunity to try a new quilting technique you haven’t worked with before! Even if you’ve finished several hundred quilt tops, there’s always something new to be learned and each of these quilt patterns is the perfect learning opportunity!

*By providing your email address you will begin to receive our newsletters, special offers and more free content from The Quilting Company.

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