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Free Scrap Quilt Patterns DownloadScrap quilts are a favorite of many quilters because no two are ever the same. When you use scrap quilt fabrics from the stash that you’ve been storing, your quilt project becomes a personal story of past and present quilting. Scrap quilts are not only a great way to use up your leftovers and make sure you get use out of every inch of fabric but also the perfect way to tell the story of your quilting adventures.

The three scrap quilt patterns featured in this free eBook are perfect for exploring quilts that best fit your scraps. From the Girlie Girl quilt that is adorable in pinks and greens to the Stars In My Garden quilt that’s been a favorite among readers of The Quilting Company for quite some time, we know you’ll love working on these lovely patterns! Dig out your scrap basket and get started on one of these beauties today – we know you won’t be disappointed.

Free Scrap Quilts - Scrappy Border Design

This free eBook is perfect for learning how to make each of the precious scrap quilt patterns shown below including:

  • The “Girlie Girl” scrap quilt pattern by Toby Preston – perfect for the confident beginner to use feminine colored scraps like pinks and creams.
  • The “Stars in My Garden” quilt that evokes a sentimental feeling like an old country garden thanks to Toby Preston’s fabulous design aesthetic.
  • The “Cozy Cabins” scrap quilt designed by Lynn Lister that quilters of any level can make using 56 White House Steps quilt blocks.

If you’ve ever wanted to work on a scrap quilt, this eBook will provide you with three precious examples of beautiful quilts you can get started on now.

*By providing your email address you will begin to receive our newsletters, special offers and more free content from The Quilting Company.

This Free Scrap Quilt Patterns eBook Is Perfect For Quilters Of Any Level!

Scrap quilts are a fabulous way to put all of your fabric scraps to use. One of the best parts about using scrap fabrics is that you can mix up the presentation of the final look with the scraps that you use. Take a feminine and girlie quilt pattern like the “Girlie Girl” and use darker fabrics such as blue and cream variations and the quilt takes on a much more masculine feeling. Use scraps all from the same color family and the “Stars in My Garden” quilt feels more simple and delicate. You can control the finished feeling of each quilt just by using your favorite scraps – the freedom is all yours!

Your Free Download Includes All 3 of These Patterns:

Free Scrap Quilt Pattern #1: Girlie Girl by Toby Preston

Free Scrap Quilt Pattern #1: “Girlie Girl” by Toby Preston

Using a bouquet of pink fabrics from her stash, Toby Preston added green and cream fabrics to create a uniquely feminine quilt. Adding in the occasional blue/pink, orange/pink, and red/pink fabric helped to add another level of depth to the quilt. Using 20 Girlie Girl Blocks and 4 Corner Quilt Blocks, this finished quilt comes together quickly with fabrics from your stash. To make the pieced outer quilt border, you will sew strips together on the long sides to form pieced strips cut into border lengths.

Free Scrap Quilt Pattern #2: Stars in My Garden by Toby Preston

Free Scrap Quilt Pattern #2: “Stars in My Garden” by Toby Preston

A popular quilt pattern for readers of McCall’s Quilting, this quilt combines numerous elements to create a finished quilt much lovelier than the sum of its parts. Like an old country garden, your choices help to frame the finished look of the quilt. Dark and light fabrics trade places in the star quilt blocks and add sparkle to the quilt. You can vary the finished look of this quilt by choosing to mix fabrics in various other combinations.

Free Scrap Quilt Pattern #3: Cozy Cabins by Lynn Lister

Free Scrap Quilt Pattern #3: “Cozy Cabins” by Lynn Lister

Using 56 White House Steps quilt blocks, this easy quilt is perfect for a beginning quilter to get their feet wet. Great quilt design doesn’t have to be complicated and the simple construction used in this quilt allows you to experiment with various prints, colors, and value combinations. You can use unique combinations of colors or choose to keep things simple – the decision is up to you!

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Your Free Scrap Quilt Patterns eBook Is Waiting!

Scrap quilts are certainly a special type of quilt for many quilters. You have the freedom of adding in whatever variables you would like.

You can use color, pattern, print or whatever type of design you would like. Scrap quilts can also allow you to experiment with various scraps from past patterns that make quilting feel like a trip down memory lane!

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