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Free summer quilt patternsThis free eBook from The Quilting Company is perfect for any quilter looking for simple summer quilt project. Summer means warm weather, fireworks, picnics with family members and time spent outdoors with friends. Each of the free summer quilt patterns featured in this eBook can take you through all of the stages of summer. From a quilt pattern that is perfect for a warm afternoon lounging on the lawn or a boat ride, to the perfect DIY decor table runner to spruce up any event you plan on throwing. We know you will adore each of the free summer quilt patterns shared in this eBook.

This free eBook includes everything you will need to learn how to make the three free summer quilt patterns shown below:

  • Eileen Fowler’s Star Harbor, the perfect free summer quilt pattern for lounging on the lawn or hanging out on the porch on summer nights.
  • Life’s a Picnic! is a quilt pattern that any machine embroidery lover will adore for its quick ease.
  • Carolyn Beam’s Star Spangled free summer table runner quilt pattern will delight your guests with festive fun!

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Download Your FREE Summer Quilt Patterns eBook Now for Happy Quilting!

For easy summer quilting, these quilt patterns couldn’t be simpler. All three of these quilting projects can be completed without marking – making sewing easy and fast. When the weather outside is warm, it can almost feel like it is calling for you to come out and play. Even the most dedicated and excited quilter can’t resist summer’s call all of the time. Luckily, these beautiful free summer quilt patterns make it so that you can enjoy the weather while it’s around and create a beautiful quilt pattern in no time. Talk about easy, fun quilting!

Enjoy These Free Summer Quilt Patterns!
Each of the free summer quilt patterns found in this eBook from The Quilting Company comes complete with everything you need to learn how to make the below patterns.

Star Harbor summer quilt pattern is free

“Star Harbor” by Eileen Fowler

This free summer quilt pattern is perfect for those who want to experiment with the quilt design. Sometimes a unique secondary pattern emerges when you are using two quilt blocks. Playing with a variety of quilt block layouts can help to create a fascinating look will appeal to any quilter. Follow the quilt pattern as written in the free summer quilts eBook or play around with your quilt blocks to create a design that suits your taste best.

Life's a Picnic summer quilt pattern

“Life’s a Picnic” by Kim Hanson

This free summer quilt pattern is perfect for anyone who enjoys creative machine embroidery and is interested in finding a way to incorporate it into their quilting. Simple quilt blocks embellished with embroidery create a festive patriotic quilt that anyone would love to take on their next summer picnic event. The simple blocks are topped off with beautiful machine embroidery designs that you can use to customize to fit any occasion – from summer to Christmas!

Free summer quilt pattern: Star Spangled

“Star Spangled” by Carolyn Beam

This beautiful free summer quilt pattern is perfect for anyone who loves to decorate their home in style. This precious DIY decor table runner was created by one of The Quilting Company Editors, Carolyn Beam. She was doodling with a star quilt block and then cut a line down the middle of one of them. The end result is a simple quilted table runner that you can easily make longer by increasing the number of quilt blocks used. You can also customize this quilt pattern by choosing fabrics you prefer.

Download This Free Summer Quilt Pattern eBook for Easy Quilting!

For quilters looking for easy summer quilting, this free summer quilt patterns eBook is perfect for creating a beautiful quilt pattern you will love. If you’ve been looking for an easy quilt pattern that doesn’t require a lot of marking or a unique quilt piecing technique you’ve never used before, then this free eBook is perfect for you. Each of these easy quilt patterns can be completed without ever having to pick up your favorite marking tool – talk about easy summer quilting!

*By providing your email address you will begin to receive our newsletters, special offers and more free content from The Quilting Company.

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