Free Tutorials for DIY Screen Printing, Monoprinting and More

Free guide to printing on fabric!

Ever tried printing on fabric? Check out these free techniques for printing on fabric!

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Download your free eBook of tutorials for collagraph printing, monoprinting, and screen printing on fabric.Printing on fabric may look complicated, but screen printing and monoprinting are easy and fun if you know the tricks of the trade. In this free eBook, five experts will show you everything from how to make a silk screen to what is collagraph printing. If you’re curious about these techniques, this free eBook is for you!

Learn how to use a gelatin monoprinting plate, and discover simple materials from home that can be used for all sorts of applications. By the end, you’ll be armed with a range of printmaking techniques you can use over and over again. The best part? This guide is free for you to download, so you can get it instantly and start exploring the joys of monoprint and DIY screen printing today.

It’s true, you can print from home without expensive supplies! Just check out these printmaking techniques!

Learn how to make a silk screen, use Thermofax, finger paint and more with these free tutorials.
Learn how inexpensive gelatin printmaking really is, how to screen print from home, and more! Amazing results await when you download this free eBook.

Monoprint Tutorial: Childs Play, Monoprinting Techniques for Finger-Painted Fabric

Childs Play: Finger-Painted Fabric by Cynthia St. Charles

Cynthia St. Charles shows how you can create the look of finger painting by printing on fabric using monoprinting techniques with a plate.

Collagraph Printing Tutorial: Collagraphs: Monoprinting with Texture Plates

Collagraphs: Monoprinting with Texture Plates by Heidi Miracle-McMahill

Looking to find a faster method of printing on fabric but with similar results, Heidi Miracle-McMahill discovered collagraph printing (also known as collagraph printing) with collages made from foam sheets.

Gelatin Printmaking Tutorial: Flight of Fantasy: A Gelatin Monoprinting Process

Flight of Fantasy: A Gelatin Monoprint Process by Frances Holliday Alford

Frances Holliday Alford explores the gelatin printing process, from how to make gelatin plates, to adding texture, right through constructing an art quilt from the monoprints.

Easy Screen Printing Tutorial: Super Simple Silk Screening

Super Simple Silk Screening: Surface Design with Everyday Supplies by Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum

Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum shows you everything from how to make a silk screen, to create your design, to the actual process of printing onto fabric. Youll be silk screening at home in no time.

Thermofax Screen Printing Tutorial: Experiments with Thermofax Printing

Experiments with Thermofax Printing: Easy Methods for Unconventional Surface Design by Lynn Krawczyk

Lynn Krawczyk is obsessed with Thermofax screen printing techniques, and it’s easy to see why. She shows how to screen print with paint and also demonstrates how to use discharge paste, thickened dyes, and Xpandaprint with your screen printing screens to create dimension.

What are you waiting for? Create custom fabric using these printmaking techniques!

Screen printing on fabric is easy with the tutorials in this free eBook.Rediscover finger painting and learn about fabric screen printing from home with these free tutorials. With the easy screen printing methods covered, you’ll be creating prints like a pro in no time. Then spend some time learning about collagraph printing, easy printing using foam sheets. You’ll have as much fun playing as using your new fabric in your quilts. Download this eBook to learn how to screen print and monoprint from the pros.

*By providing your email address you will begin to receive our newsletters, special offers and more free content from The Quilting Company.

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