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Many people–me among them–admire Jane LaFazio’s approach to fiber art and quilt making. Jane’s ability to pull from different sources and mix a variety of techniques–while keeping with a common theme–makes her work distinctive.

Jane LaFazio, who mixes paint and fiber to make unique fabric art.

I was so excited to be able to meet Jane, at last, at the recent taping of “QATV” Series 1600. Watching her work was a treat–I could have spent all day just reveling in her uplifting and multifaceted artistic process.

Here is some insight into Jane’s improvisational, mixed-media approach to creating fiber art:

Jane LaFazio’s Improv Quilt Process

  • I first create individual pieces, each a different size, with a cloth top and batting beneath–but without a backing, so it’s not a traditional quilt sandwich.
  • I machine sew and hand stitch these sections before I put them together–sometimes sewing from the front, sometimes from the back. I don’t finish the edges or have a seam allowance.
  • Once I’ve created a number of pieces in the same color scheme and motif, I put them together like a puzzle. I move them around and compose a pleasing arrangement.
  • Once I’m happy with this fabric collage, I pin them to a backing (usually white wool felt) and hand or machine stitch them together.

As one of Jane’s biggest fans, I am thrilled to present Just Jane: Mixed-media and Art Quilt Techniques from Jane LaFazio. It holds a collection of articles and projects from one of Quilting Arts‘ most admired contributors, combining her mixed-media art and fiber collage work from both Cloth Paper Scissors and Quilting Arts in one convenient eBook.

If you like to mix fabric, stitch, and paint–plus be inspired by Jane LaFazio’s artwork–then “Just Jane” is just right for you.
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