Freebie Friday: Spinning Spools

In addition to February 2 being Groundhog Day, did you know this year it is also National Bubble Gum Day?

Celebrated the first Friday in February, Bubble Gum Day was started in 2006 by children’s book author Ruth Spiro as a way to get school kids involved in donating money to causes they care about. The way it works is that everyone who donates 50 cents or more gets to chew gum in school, with proceeds going to any charity the school chooses.

An event that gets kids to think about supporting worthy causes is worth spreading the word about, don’t you agree? Plus it sounds like fun (and is hopefully not too messy!).

Spinning SpoolsWith that in mind, here’s this week’s free quilt pattern: Spinning Spools, a 71¾˝ x 77˝ antique quilt made circa 1885 in (you guessed it!) bubble gum pink! The Victorians loved pink, especially the double-dyed pink small figured prints we know today as cinnamon pinks, double-pinks, or Bazooka pinks (after the well-known bubble gum).

This pattern is easy enough for confident beginners thanks to quick flip-and-stitch techniques used to make the spools.
So click here for the free Spinning Spools pattern, and get cracking!

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