Freeform Quilt Block of the Month: Introduction

Freeform, designed by Jean Nolte

Freeform Quilt Block of the Month Paintbrush Studio Logo 2017 300x104 Freeform Quilt Block of the Month: IntroductionHave you ever participated in a Block of the Month program? I’d always been intrigued to try one, and I like the ‘assignment’ aspect of them, but I’d never actually signed up for one until I saw the most recent offering from Fons & Porter. The Freeform quilt is just so pretty, and I want to make it. It uses these gorgeous tone-on-tones from the Freeform collection by Paintbrush Studio in greens, blues and purple. Take a look and see for yourself!

Freeform Quilt Block of the Month LQN1702 150x150 Freeform Quilt Block of the Month: IntroductionI’m really looking forward to it, but also I’m getting a little nervous now that it’s almost time for the first installment. What if I cut something wrong? What if I fall behind? I broke my habit of avoiding curved seams for this project; what if I end up liking them? There are just so many unknowns.

To soothe my anxiety, I asked my colleagues who have done BOMs what advice they might have for me.

Anissa had some great advice:

  1. I like to create a binder with a pic of the completed quilt on the front and then add a tab for each month and keep all info for each month all in one place
  2. Don’t fall behind if you want to finish on schedule. It’s really hard to catch up once you fall behind.

Carolyn’s words of wisdom were along the same lines:

Speaking from the voice of experience, I would say do your best to stay current and not wait until the last minute to make each part. That’s the fastest way to burn out and lose interest in the project.

So I guess my fears of falling behind are justified, and I’d better not do that. I’ll plan to set aside some evenings for cutting patches when I receive the bundles of fabric, and sew whenever I get a chance, with the bulk of the sewing work happening on weekends. I’m hoping it will be a chain-piecing-friendly pattern because I can really get into a rhythm with chain-piecing.

Lori had some great advice for me too:

I think my advice would be to have fun with it. You may be able to play with the color placement since they are sending fabric every month. Sometimes they send the fabric for the whole quilt at once. Then you have to be more careful about following directions exactly because you don’t know if you’ll need more of a fabric later in the project. But since they are sending it every month if you want to switch the colors for the A’s and F’s in a particular month’s block and there is enough of both of the fabrics, you can.

I do like to make patterns my own, so this advice is right up my alley. But I’m not sure I want to get too creative with it and lose track of things, so I’ll probably be considering her advice up until the point I start cutting fabric. So we’ll see. I’ll be documenting my progress each month on this blog, so please return to see how it goes!

If you’re interested in making this beautiful quilt with me, you can check out the project details and sign up here. Will you join me? And do you have any advice for a BOM newbie that you’d care to share? Thanks!


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