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Blog image Friday Free Quilt Patterns: Vintage Pieced Butterfly Quilt PatternI think it’s safe to say that most quilters, regardless of preferred quilting style, have at least a little soft spot for vintage quilts. Today, I’d like to share our sweet vintage pattern for Butterfly, first published in the 1936 Kansas City Star. Many such butterfly quilts consist of appliquéd butterfly blocks, but this one is unique in that the blocks are pieced. A bit of dainty stitching with embroidery floss adds a delightful detail to each block.

butterfly Friday Free Quilt Patterns: Vintage Pieced Butterfly Quilt Pattern

As I’m looking at this quilt, I’m wondering how it might work up using my choice of background fabric not only in the alternate blocks, but in place of the white in each of the butterfly blocks, as well. In this way, perhaps my butterflies could flutter about the quilt top more freely! As you look at this quilt, how might you make it up differently to suit your style and tastes?

This Butterfly quilt is owned by Janet Lyles, and while we unfortunately don’t know who made it, the maker did embroider the date, May 7, 1943, on a corner. (Note to self: take the time to label my quilts!)

butterfly block Friday Free Quilt Patterns: Vintage Pieced Butterfly Quilt Pattern

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The free Butterfly vintage quilt pattern finishes at 72 1/2″ x 84 1/2″. Click here to download the free Butterfly quilt pattern.

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