From Mixed-Media Techniques to Intuitive Hand Stitching: A Look Inside The Quilting Arts Idea Book

From left to right: Dye concentrate from Kristine Lundblad’s inspired fabric dyeing party; Susan Brubaker Knapp turns line drawings into fiber art; Valerie Komkov Hill’s tiny art quilts are great for gifting.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars that I am surrounded by beautiful art made by beautiful people. And leafing through the pages of The Quilting Arts Idea Book just solidifies that sentiment—I am fortunate, indeed.

Part of an old postcard is caught in a free-motion stitched flower that was tinted with water-soluble crayons by Jane LaFazio.

All of the artists featured in The Quilting Arts Idea Book have two things in common: they are passionate about their craft and open to new ideas. Without exception, every one of them knows their specialty like the back of their hand, but they are also willing to expand their skillset and try something new.

Art cloth by Lynn Krawczyk.

Lynn Krawczyk constantly experiments with color and texture. Leslie Tucker Jenison challenges herself by working with paper as well as fabric. Jane LaFazio is always combining machine and hand stitching in new ways. And who would have thought of making tiny art quilts out of tea bags? Libby Williamson, that’s who!

Libby Williamson’s inspirational tea bag art.

As an avid art quilter and the editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, I love learning from these artists and am in awe of what they do. Nobody does it better: from dyeing fabric and experimenting with unique substrates, to hand stitching and creating bold imagery, they are the best-of-the-best.

Leslie Tucker Jenison’s collaged “sweet little somethings” are stitched together by machine, by hand, or both.

When looking through the pages of The Quilting Arts Idea Book, I hope your curiosity is piqued and you use some of these great ideas in your own art. I encourage you to leave nothing behind: If art quilts are your passion and your creative expression is revealed through fabric and thread, then go make some art!

Spin art surface design by Lynda Heines.

And if you’re looking for me, I’ll be in my studio trying something new.


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