Fussy Cutting Quilting Sew Easy Lesson from Fons & Porter

What is fussy cutting? The first time someone hears about the technique, it might be a little bit confusing or even off-putting. Why do I want to do something that has fussy in the very name? Fear not: fussy cutting is simply the act of selecting a particular portion of a piece of fabric – a specific motif or design – and cutting that piece. It’s typically used for windowing or large scale prints that have multiple design elements like various animals. Use this easy quilting technique to cut identical pieces from a print fabric.

About Fussy Cutting Quilting

In this Sew Easy tutorial, Fons & Porter Sewing Specialist, Colleen Tauke, shows you how to use fussy cut templates in different shapes to create quilt blocks galore. If you’re looking for another quilting video tutorial on a particular technique, check out our Sew Easy lessons to find it there.

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