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The Quilter's Gift Guide

Quilters can be hard to shop for gifts. We are quite picky about our fabrics, our tools, and even our tastes. So, it can be hard to buy these ever-so obvious items as a gift. Instead, we’ve gathered a collection of fabulous gifts for quilters that are sure to please. From t-shirts and necklaces to cookie-cutters and wine glasses, these gifts are sure to delight any quilter!

Sewing Kit Cookie Cutters

Invite your quilting pals over for tea and sugar cookies made with these tin-plated-steel cookie cutters. Set of four includes a thimble, sewing machine, spool of thread and 3″-long scissors.

Sale! $7.25

Gifts for Quilters - Cookie Cutters
Gifts for Quilters - Friendship Quilt T-Shirt

Friendship Quilt T-Shirt

Friendship quilt lovers, here’s the shirt for you! It’s made of a wonderfully soft 100% cotton and is so pretty in teal. Created by Life is Good®. This is the perfect gift to get yourself and your favorite quilting friends! Available in multiple sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL or XXXL.

Sale! $16.00

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