Gifts for Quilters???

Open Toe Foot (image from

That’s easy. We know what quilters like. Fabric, tools, special feet, patterns, a getaway; there are so many possibilities.

First, let’s talk about fabric. Take your clue from the colors they use in their home to know what colors they like. Then buy a fat quarter or a few. You can choose fabric from a collection or a color family here.

Then there are tools. What is your favorite tool? Does your quilter friend have one like it? There are dozens of ideas of tools and notions here.

Gifts for Quilters: Havel's Ultra Pro Seam Ripper

Havel’s Ultra Pro Seam Ripper

If you’d like me to get more specific, here is one of my new favorites. This seam ripper is wonderful. It’s so much quicker to use and easier to hold than the older style.

And don’t forget consumables, like pins, needles and thread.

My husband has this great strategy when he’s shopping for a gift for me. He simply goes to my favorite quilt store. I shop there often so they know him and they know me and he says, “What does she want?” If you know where your quilter friend shops, try asking the staff at the store. They may have great ideas.

¼” foot with a guide

¼” foot with a guide

Then here’s my best suggestion. Feet! Sewing machine feet. I have three favorite sewing machine feet that I think every quilter should have. They may be called by different names according to the brand of machine that you have but here they are.

The first is the ¼” foot with a guide. From the center needle position to the guide is ¼” and I can sew really fast when I’m piecing with this foot on my machine.

Next is the open toe foot. This foot is great when you are doing decorative stitches or stitching in the ditch because you can see what you are doing.

Open Toe Foot (image from

Open Toe Foot (image from

Bi-level Topstitch Foot (photo from

Bi-level Topstitch Foot (photo from

And finally, the bi-level topstitch foot. I love, love, love this foot. The left side of the foot is thicker than the right side so I can sew with the thick edge riding right next to my binding. I move my needle to the left and stitch my binding into place. The edge of the thick part of the foot keeps me sewing nice and straight with the edge of my binding.

Be aware that feet are made for a specific brand of machine so if your quilter friend has a Brother, you need to buy Brother feet. If they have a Baby Lock, you need to buy Baby Lock feet. You get the idea.

I hope that helps.
Happy holidays!


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