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The Quilting Company website brings together our entire family of quilting brands you’ve come to love, including magazine titles, stores, video, and online education, all under one roof. From Fons & Porter, Quilting Arts, and McCall’s Quilting, to QNNtv, Quiltmaker, Quilters Newsletter and so many more, we’re really excited about this chance to offer you a quilting experience like no other. Take a look around. Kick off your shoes and get comfortable! And, as always, make yourself at home.

But, before you get started on this new and exciting adventure, here are some things you should know about your favorite content:


We still offer free quilt patterns and free quilt design downloads, and now that everything is in one place, you have access to one of the biggest free content collections in quilting. These brand new content galleries have all your favorite free instant downloads, plus ideas from our paid archives as well. These galleries were specially curated for you, so you can search by size, style, season, or theme and find just what you need. Whether you are looking for a particular type of quilt or just browsing, head on over to the galleries to discover a wealth of ideas for your next quilt.

The quilt galleries, home to inspiration by quilt size, theme, season, and more.


All the blog posts (articles) you know and love will continue at The Quilting Company with fresh, informative content coming out each week. 100 Blocks Tour, Workshop Wednesday, Block Friday, Artist of the Month, and all the rest for new quilters and experienced quilters… they’re all here. In our articles section, we have an extensive archive of blogs and articles available to you with new blogs written every week by the same expert quilters you’ve come to trust and depend on. They are a great way to get information on types of quilts (LeMoyne Star, for example), how to care for quilts, where to find your favorite quilts and quilting items, as well as how-to information, like quilting tutorials and quilting courses. The articles section is a must-see stop on our tour—head on over and check it out.


Fear not! Our beloved QNNtv free video series are now easier than ever to access. There are over 1,000 free videos brought to you by The Quilting Company that will not only help you with a specific question but provide you with the opportunity to learn and grow as a quilter no matter your expertise. If you haven’t checked out our videos yet, we highly recommend the Sew Easy series; this tried and true favorite will help you take your sewing and quilting skills and techniques to the next level. For new quilters, head over to My First Quilt; it’s like having an expert right there with you every step of the way. You’ll also find the Block of the Month series, Quilt Remix, Quiltmaker Lessons on Creativity, and everything else on the video page.


When there’s a skill to explore or a new technique to learn, this is the place to start. Here you’ll find exclusive how-to articles, videos, and step-by-steps for the techniques that will help you create quilts like a pro. From appliqué, machine quilting, and binding & finishing, to fabric care and everything in-between. Watch, learn, and discover in the techniques & tutorials section.


Pay special attention to the other links available at the top of the page. These links will take you to magical places like the online shop and other resources for patterns, videos, and all things quilting! To move quickly around the site, for example, to see the latest kits or learn something new, click on the major categories and you’ll land on a page that shows you the latest and greatest for that section. You can also hover over each word for additional places to browse within that section of the site.

On smaller and mobile devices, this menu can be found here and can be accessed by tapping or clicking the icon:

If you can’t seem to find what you were looking for, our search feature will help you get there quickly. Just click the search icon from your desktop or mobile device.


These important pages will help you with any other questions, or to find more information:

Of course, there’s so much more to discuss, but we could be here all day. Take a look around and see for yourself! We’re happy to have you.


We’re still working on making this website the best it can be with improvements and features. We’re working quickly, but if there’s anything you need (anything at all!), make sure to let us know.

Happy Quilting,

The Quilting Company Team

Comments (12)

  • Rochelle S

    The header at the top does not have the easy-to-click items you demonstrate. Instead their are three horizontal lines for a drop down menu that is very vague. Nor is their a search button…..anywhere which would help to bypass some confusion. The side buttons for facebook, twitter, etc. cover text and are very annoying. Hope this helps your techies in their effort to improve the look and usability.

    November 18, 2017 at 6:28 pm
    • Tiffany Warble

      Thank you for the feedback! I added a picture to the post to show how the menu looks on mobile/tablets, hopefully, that will help better demonstrate that. I also submitted a ticket to our tech team regarding the search icon disappearing on some screens. My team is also working with tech on options for the social side buttons to make them less in the way. Again, thanks for taking the time to write us.


      November 20, 2017 at 4:57 pm
  • Jan B

    Top half of my screen (monitor) is used by your large banner plus my website “bars”. That leaves the lower half for visibility, of which your “live Chat” box covers up more screen space. (Anyway to get rid of the chat box individually if not using it?) I can only read “one row” at a time of your displayed products. Too frustrating.

    November 27, 2017 at 8:15 pm
    • Tiffany Warble

      Thank you for taking the time to write us. I’ve forwarded your comment to the rest of our team asking for what we can do to resolve some of this. We’re continuing to make this site better and appreciate your feedback!

      The Quilting Company Team

      November 29, 2017 at 4:36 am
  • Kerrie T

    Where can I access my downloadable pdf’s that come with my digital subscription to Quiltmaker??

    November 28, 2017 at 10:37 am
  • Judi R

    What happened to our groups? Frankly, everything your company has touched has become a cheap imitation of what it was. Every one of your magazines look alike. No creativity and very mundane. The death of the quilting community is the fault of corporations like yours. QCA was wonderful. It became commercialized with the first buy out and now has disappeared with F+W Media.

    March 6, 2018 at 4:21 pm
    • Tiffany Warble

      Thank you for taking the time to reach out. With the popularity of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we were seeing a marked decline in interactions on platforms like Quilter’s Club of America so have evolved with the ever-changing digital landscape. We have made every effort to make sure that the benefits you experienced on QCA have moved over to our new site and encourage you to interact with your fellow passionate quilting community on our social media platforms. If there is some way we can bring some of what you loved about QCA to these platforms, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

      Quilting Company Team

      March 6, 2018 at 5:18 pm
      • Douglas O

        The decline in interaction on QCA was not due to competition from other social media platforms it was due to the constantly ignored technical difficulties plaguing the site and empty promises from your company.

        What happened to all the photos and galleries from that site?

        April 17, 2018 at 3:04 pm
        • Tiffany Warble

          It’s clear that the new experience has been a disappointment and we have work to do. We still would love to hear about any ways we can bring some of what you loved about QCA to these platforms. We apologize and promise to continue to add improvements to the site.


          April 30, 2018 at 3:20 pm
          • Judy J

            I would also like to know where we could access the old files and posts from QCA.

            August 30, 2018 at 7:58 pm
          • Brenna Riley Gates

            Hi Judy,
            Unfortunately, there’s no archive of the QCA forums, but we encourage you to post your question (or information about what you are looking for) at the QuiltingCompany Facebook group.
            The Quilting Company

            September 19, 2018 at 7:39 pm

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