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I love the end of summer when the nights start becoming cooler and the leaves just begin to turn. Now don’t get me wrong – I love summer with its warm nights and long days…messing around in the garden, tending to the flowers and watching the wildlife go about life. However, fall is my favorite time of year for home decorating. The rich, deep colors of fall bring about a sense of coziness, warmth and sanctuary. Golden yellows, rusty oranges, robust burgundies and lush purples bring about a feeling of warm coziness inside your home just when things outside are beginning to get cold and dark.

I usually decorate my house in 4 stages in the fall. Labor Day weekend is stage 1. I take down the summery décor and put up my fall décor. This consists of several things:

  1. Take the bright, summery DIY wreath off the front door and replace it with a fall wreath made of an abundance of fall-colored flowers and knick knacks

  2. decorating for halloween Pumpkins with Candle 150x150 Decorating For Halloween with Table and Wall QuiltsPut away summer scented candles and break out the yummy pumpkin candles

  3. decorating for halloween Sunflower Quilt 150x150 Decorating For Halloween with Table and Wall QuiltsChange out the brightly colored quilt hanging in my living room with a sunflower quilt that brings the warm fall colors into the living space

  4. Change the cushion cover on the front porch chair from a bright, colorful cover to a darker, earthier color scheme.

  5. Pull the dying summer flowers out of their pots and replacing them with mums in lovely golds, purples and oranges

Come the end of September, the fun REALLY begins with Stage 2. This stage is otherwise known as Halloween. Halloween is when we, as adults, have an excuse to act like kids for a few weeks. We get to decorate, dress up and party in fun and goofy ways that would be frowned upon at other times of the year. In addition to hanging spooky skeletons and cobwebs on your front porch you can add touches of Halloween inside your house as well:

  1. decorating for halloween Spook Out Decorating For Halloween with Table and Wall Quilts

    Spook Out!

    Replace the “fall” wreath on the front door with a Halloween wreath or a Halloween wall hanging. Both the wreath and wall hanging will give you plenty of opportunity to add “creepy” little embellishments that will be fun for everyone. Our Spook Out! Quilt Kit designed by Margie Ullery is the perfect size for a front door and comes with all fabrics needed as well as rick-rack and buttons for the spider. This panel could be further enhanced by adding small bat buttons to the sky and sparkling beads to the moon.

  2. decorating for halloween Midnight in the Pumpkin Patch Decorating For Halloween with Table and Wall Quilts

    Midnight in the Pumpkin Patch

    Find a wall in your home where you could hang a small Halloween themed quilt. Midnight in the Pumpkin Patch by Northcott is a perfect panel for this. It is a panel featuring sunflowers, pumpkins and stars that would be a quick and simple Halloween project. And for those more adventurous, the panel would be beautiful if it was embellished with some beadwork.

  3. decorating for halloween Hocus Pocus Table Runner 200x300 Decorating For Halloween with Table and Wall Quilts

    Hocus Pocus

    I like to put out a table runner underneath my candy bowl to spruce my entryway a bit more. I chose to use the Hocus Pocus Quilt Kit. This table runner is delightfully cute in its simplicity and looks wonderful with my cute candy bowl. I was able to whip it together in no-time and add to my Halloween décor quickly and easily as the kits comes with everything you need to make it – including backing fabric.

  4. decorating for halloween Boogeyman 300x281 Decorating For Halloween with Table and Wall Quilts


    Last but not least, I always like to throw a quilt over the back of the sofa. It adds warmth and coziness to the feel of your living room in such a simple way. To add just a bit of spookiness, try out of Boogeyman Quilt Kit. Not only would this quilt be a beautiful addition to your décor, but it doubles as entertainment for the kids a night time – Boogeyman is made using glow-in-the-dark fabrics! The quilt could also be used to keep the candy-givers warm on a cool Halloween night as all of the ghosts and goblins wander up to your house to trick-or-treat.

Stage 3 begins on November 1st but is quite simple. I sadly take down the Halloween décor and go back to my Stage 1 décor plus I put out a few cute turkey candleholders and call it good.

Of course, right after Thanksgiving, I move on to Stage 4 – Christmas! There is really TOO MUCH Christmas decorating to go into in this blog post but I go through the same process. Change the décor on the front door, hang a Christmas themed quilt in my living room, change out the table runner and pull out the mums and put Christmas greenery outside.

The fall season provides so many fun and beautiful things to inspire our home decorating. As the temperature drops, look around your house and see what you could do to bring the fall feeling and holiday spirit into your home.

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