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I’ve often blogged about how hand embroidery projects are great for creating on-the-go. But even I was amazed when I saw new QATV host Susan Brubaker Knapp at Quilt Market wearing a denim jacket covered with hand embroidery designs.

Susan Brubaker Knapp turned a thrift store jacket
into art-on-the-go with hand embroidery.

Susan purchased this denim jacket for $3 at a local thrift shop about two years ago and has been embroidering it with sewing implement motifs (scissors, spools, pin cushions, etc.).

Using solid and variegated perle cotton, she “draws” with a running stitch and fills in with hand stitches she refers to as “chicken scratches.”

The beauty of this creative embroidery project is that Susan can wear it while she works on it. She lightly traces the patterns on the denim and fills them in as she has the time.

Susan says hand stitching projects like her jacket allow her to slow down in between her faster moving thread-sketched, fusible appliquéd, and wholecloth-painted works.

Slow stitching handwork–like embroidery, cross-stitch, and needlepoint–offers concentration and relaxation, while machine stitching fulfills her need for speed.

I’ll tell you what I need: a thrift-store denim jacket to embroider!

You can find a variety of vintage-style slow stitching projects and needlework techniques in our sister publication, Piecework magazine.

P.S. “Slow stitching” seems to be gaining momentum as a movement in fiber arts circles. What do you think? Leave your comment below.

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