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So, now that June has made my public introduction, thought Id chime in here while everyone is at Market. My name is Denise Starck and Im the new graphic designer around here. I started in January and LOVE working at Quiltmaker! Its kind of my dream job where I get to combine my skills in print design with my quilting hobby. Pinch me! Ive been quilting for over 12 years and really enjoy working with color in all sorts of quilts.

Recently, we were talking about our first sewing machines and I was telling my coworkers about the one I had as a child. I couldnt remember who made it, but knew that it sewed using glue. No one had ever heard of such a thing, so I set out to search for it on the internet (dont you just love the web?) I was SO excited to find one on etsy. Its called Sew Magic Barbie Fashion Set made by Mattel circa 1972, and I just had to buy it! I waited not-so-patiently for it to arrive and it didnt disappoint. It had most of the original supplies and was in great condition.

Sew Magic Barbie Fashion Set

barbie sewing machine 300x254 Hello! My name is

Sew Magic with dress form

The machine is battery-powered and uses a cartridge to stitch with glue. By lowering the presser foot, you turn it on and it starts to stitch. It works a lot like paint pens where you press down and the paint, or in this case glue, comes out.

barbie sewing machine cartridge 300x192 Hello! My name is

Glue Cartridge It even says 1972!

It comes with patterns and fabric to make oh so fashionable shorty pajamas, a blouse, skirt and even a purse for your favorite Barbie.

barbie sewing machine patterns 300x261 Hello! My name is

Patterns and original fabric

It even has a dress form to ensure a perfect fit! I remember spending hours making clothes for my dolls and was tickled to have this piece of memorabilia for my very own again.

So, thats how I got started sewing and eventually found quilting as an adult. I have since upgraded to a more modern sewing machine, but still have a soft spot for my first machine. What was your first sewing machine?

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