Holiday Gifts You Still Have Time to Quilt!


2018 is breezing past and the holidays are right around the corner. I know. I know… it’s still August you say. But, if you are like me, every November you start seeing all of these cute quilting patterns that you would simply must to make for someone you love. Either you spend a very stressed out few weeks spending every spare moment holed up in front of your sewing machine…Very tricky when the person you are sewing for lives in your house! Ask me how I know?

Well, not this year, I say! (Actually, I say this every year, but a girl can dream…) So I thought long and hard about what projects we have had cooking at all of our publications at The Quilting Company of late and which could be made in, say, less than two months. That would give you time to make the pattern before Thanksgiving and still have time to make other gifts – or perhaps make two! Now, this “two month” thing is all relative of course. If you have lots of free time or are fast to put quilts together, some of these patterns might not take you two months. However, if you work full time or have a busy family life, these might take you longer. You get the idea.

Note, with many of the patterns I have chosen, you have the option to buy the magazine or download just the pattern. Pretty cool huh? So you may want to check to see if the magazine has more than one pattern you would like to make before purchasing the single digital pattern.


Sisters of the Dark

For your favorite Tula fan, Sisters of The Dark uses the new De La Luna fabric from FreeSpirit and is a great way to use those signature prints.


Corn Flower Maze

Corn Flower Maze is also from the Sept/Oct issue of Quilty. This gorgeous teal and white quilt pattern combines applique and piecing techniques to create a unique design.


Twilight Beads

Twilight Beads is fresh and sweet. Perfect for a teen or young adult, don’t you think?

Trillion Dreams by Becky Rico

Trillion Dreams by Becky Rico

From Modern Patchwork, the Trillion Dream pattern is simply divine!


Kentucky Crossroads

From Love Of Quilting, Kentucky Crossroads is a more “masculine” design when done in these colors or perfect to match your besties home décor.


Strength and Glory

Strength and Glory is such a gorgeous traditional applique quilt pattern! Whether you prefer hand or machine applique, this pattern is great for fall .


Morris Garden

The Morris Garden quilt designed by Jean Nolte is simply delicious.

If you are busy like me, perhaps you need some patterns that are easier to stitch up. Here are some projects that are not so labor intensive and still beautiful to behold!
(Truth alert – I am not a quick quilter. If you are like me, leave me a comment below so I don’t feel quite so alone.)



From Quilting Quickly, the Papillon quilt pattern by Eileen Fowler will make a lovely table runner.

Let’s Talk Turkey Table Runner Kit

Speaking of table runners, do you have one for your Thanksgiving table yet? Let’s Talk Turkey would fit the bill!


Holiday Hang-Ups

And don’t forget the stockings!

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