The Mystery of the Holiday Quilt: Clue 2

Welcome back to the Mystery of the Holiday Quilt! My name is Abigail Dolinger. I’m a frequent designer for The Quilting Company. You can learn about me in the clue #1 introduction. If you would like to see more of my quilt designs, check it out at I designed this quilt especially for The Quilting Company Mystery of the Holiday Quilt, a 6-clue mystery just for our quilting community.

I shared the materials list and cutting instructions for the whole quilt top in clue #1. It’s not too late to join; you still have time to get this quilt finished to give as a quilty gift or use to decorate your home for the holidays.

Check out clue #1!

Clue #1: Introduction, Materials List and Cutting Instructions

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook at #TQCMysteryQuilt. I’ll be there to answer your questions. I’d love to see the fabrics you choose for your quilt and your progress along the way. It’s also great fun to see what others are making and talk with them about their mystery quilt experience.

About the Holiday Mystery Quilt fabric…

I’m making my version of the throw-size Holiday Quilt with the Poinsettia and Pine fabric collection from Maywood Studio. You can choose another holiday fabric or any non-holiday fabric collection of your choice. You can even be daring and make it scrappy. I give some guidance for choosing fabrics in clue #1.

Poinsettia and Pine fabric collection from Maywood Studio

Let’s get on with Clue #2

Pull out the fabrics from the bag labeled Clue #2. You should have:
• 9 Red Tone-on-Tone 8” squares,
• 9 White Tone-on-Tone 8” squares, and
• 4 White Tone-on-Tone 3-1/2” squares.

Make 72 Triangle-Square Units

NOTE: You are going to make 8 triangle-squares from joining 1 red and 1 white 8″ square.

1. Pair 1 red tone-on-tone and 1 white tone-on-tone 8″ square, right sides together.

2. With a pencil or water-soluble marker, draw two diagonal lines on the wrong side of each white 8″ square as shown.

Steps 1 and 2

3. Join the patches by stitching ¼” away from both sides of the drawn diagonal lines.

Step 3

4. With a rotary cutter and ruler, cut the triangle-squares apart by cutting on both diagonal lines (4a) AND by cutting the squares in half cross-wise and length-wise (4b).

Step 4a


Step 4b

5. Open the triangle-squares and press each toward the red tone-on-tone fabric.

6. Triangle-squares should finish at 3-1/2″. Trim away excess fabric as needed to size. Also trim away corner tails to keep things nice and neat.

Steps 5 & 6


Finished triangle-square units.

Make 4 Triangle-Square Strips

1. Referring to the photo below, take care to orient the red triangles as shown, sew 18 triangle-square units together to make a strip. Press seams open. Make 4 strips in the same manner.

2. Sew a 3-1/2″ white tone-on-tone square to each end of 2 strips. Press these seam allowances toward the neighboring triangle-squares.

Steps 1 and 2


Triangle-Square Strips

Fold the finished strips loosely and place them in the Clue #2 bag

That’s all there is to clue #2 of the Mystery of the Holiday Quilt.

Don’t forget to join me, and our Mystery Quilt Facebook group, at #TQCMysteryQuilt. I can’t wait to see the members’ progress. And don’t forget, if you enter a question as a comment I’ll respond to it there.


After making 72 triangle-squares (or half-square triangles as they are also called), you are now a pro! Are you interested in seeing more quilts made with this simple geometric unit? “Token” is one of the many instructional videos offered by The Quilting Company. Colleen Tauke walks you through making triangle-squares from 5″ pre-cut squares.

Take a look at “Summer Picnic;” the triangle-square units are sewn together as Pinwheels.

Looking for more triangle-square quilt ideas? My Americana flag quilt, with triangle-squares made from 5″ pre-cut squares, was published in the June/July 2018 issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts, and a pattern is available for digital download.

Americana Designed by Abigail Dolinger McCall’s Quick Quilts, June/July 2018

I look forward to presenting my next clue of the Mystery of the Holiday Quilt!

Are you on pins and needles awaiting Clue #3?

I’ll give you a hint: we will NOT be making triangle-squares!

Until then…

Happy Holidays!

– Abigail

Need some more inspiration to get into the holiday season’s festivities? How about quilty gifts and holiday decorations?

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