How should I quilt it?

It’s the million dollar question for quilters, isn’t it?

“How should I quilt it?”

Being unable to answer this question has left many a project folded neatly away after the piecing was complete. But it doesn’t have to be so. There are lots of resources for quilting ideas. You just need to know where to look. Try these:

#1: Past issues of Quiltmaker—every issue has quilting motifs you can adapt to your design, like this one.

Here’s more of a birds-eye view.

loopy100 How should I quilt it? and a Giveaway

3651 How should I quilt it? and a Giveaway

Flowing Glass (used with permission)

3652 How should I quilt it? and a Giveaway

Tree Roots (used with permission)

3653 How should I quilt it? and a Giveaway

Beaded Curtain (used with permission)

#2: The Electric Quilt Company’s Quilting Motifs series of CDs (they don’t require EQ) feature hundreds of Quiltmaker motifs in digital format. So easy to use!

ELEQUILT0812 How should I quilt it? and a Giveaway

Here’s the little piece I want to quilt next.

whirligig How should I quilt it? and a Giveaway

I have already anchored it by quilting the border in the ditch.

Now what? At this point I ask myself a couple of questions:

• Do I want to emphasize the piecing or de-emphasize it? Quilting each block will emphasize it. Quilting an all-over design will de-emphasize it.

• What kinds of shapes are in the piecing? Do I want to add similar shapes with quilting or do I want contrasting lines/shapes?

• What’s the scale (size) of the piecing? What will the scale of the quilting be?

• Am I going to mark the quilting or will it be quilted freeform without marking?

• Is thread color going to matter? If so, what color will it be?

• How much time do I want to spend on this quilt?

In this case, I want to de-emphasize the piecing with medium-scale quilting, so an all-over design is in order. The piecing is angular, so I want the quilting to add softer lines. Thread color won’t matter. I prefer not to mark it and I want to spend only a few hours on the quilting (it’s 22 x 25 inches).

What would you suggest? Leave a comment with your ideas!

UPDATE: thanks to everyone who left a comment and for all the great ideas! I hope to get started on it very soon.

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