Navigate Through the NEW Site and Find Your Courses in 5 Easy Steps

Welcome to the Quilting Company- your new home to all quilting courses. Walk with us to learn how to navigate our new site and access your online courses!

If you have purchased any course from Craft University you can access your product immediately by following the directions below. If you have purchased a course with a start date you can still access it by following the directions below but may be limited to what you can access until the course starts at the date that was described in the details section of the product you purchased.

Step 1 – Get Your Account

On the new you will need to follow the steps below to “register” your account. This will activate your old account within the new site and pull over all of your previous information.

1. Go to any page on
2. Click on the Sign Up/Sign In button in the top right corner.
3. Click the button under Need an Account? that says “Click here to register”.
4. Enter your email address, password, and first and last name.
5. Click the Register button.
6. Shortly you will receive an email with a button to “confirm my account” click that button.

Find my Craft Online University Courses - Step 1

Step 2
Click “Welcome, (your name)!” in the upper right corner.

Find my Craft Online University Courses - Step 2

Step 3
On the left side of the screen click on “My Courses.”

Find my Craft Online University Courses - Step 3

Step 4
Under My Courses you should see your recent purchase. Click the button to the right of the Product Title labeled “Go To Course.” This will open the course and video platform and place you in the dashboard.

Find my Craft Online University Courses - Step 4

Step 5
Enjoy all of the lessons you have already taken and check out our NEW courses to find inspiration and learn new techniques along side expert instructors in the quilting community! If you have any issues or questions please reach out to our team via the contact us page.

Find my Craft Online University Courses and Find New Ones

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