203 | How to Fix a Mistake

My First Quilt | Sara Gallegos | Runtime (9 min)

Part of life is that mistakes happen, and they also happen in quilting. Sara shows how to fix several types of common mistakes that happen when quilting. First, she shows how to properly use a seam ripper and talks about what to do if ripping out a not-so-perfect seam creates a small hole in your project. She then demonstrates squaring up an hourglass block that sewing up a little wonky. On an hourglass block that wasn’t pressed as accurately as would have been nice, Sara shows fixing the seam distortion. Plus, find out what to do if your seams didn’t nest into place tightly enough to get perfect points or if you run out of fabric pieces that are large enough for the patch you need near the end of a project. Prairie points can also hide little mistakes while adding a decorative touch to your project.

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