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My wardrobe isn’t fussy or frou-frou, but I do like to dress up an outfit with a uniquepreferably handmadeaccessories. For an evening out, especially around the holidays, I like to embellish with a little sparkle.

Silk Art Scarf with beaded fringe,
by Lyric Montgomery Kinard.

Something like Lyric Montgomery Kinard’s luxurious Art Scarf, made from scraps of silk and silk velvet finished with beaded fringe, is the perfect way to add creative flair to a basic ensemble. Lyric has a tutorial for making the scarf, as well as the beaded embellishments, in the 2012-2013 issue of Quilting Arts Gifts.

Here are Lyric’s directions for how to embellish the scarf with beaded trim you make yourself.

1. Thread the needle with a long strand of beading thread and bury the knot into the edge of the scarf. Load some small beads onto the needle and slide them to the edge of the scarf until you are happy with the length of the fringe. Add one larger bead to weight the fringe.

how to make beaded fringe
Figure 3. Sliding the needle back through the line of beads.
stitching beaded fringe
Figure 4. Stitching the beaded fringe to the scarf.
Process photos by Lyric Kinard

2. Pick up a single small bead, but hold it on the needle instead of sliding it up the thread. Hold the thread taut and slide the needle back through your entire line of beads. (Figure 3)

3. Push the needle back into all four layers of cloth in the same place you made your knot the first time, and tie another knot. I make a knot and the beginning and end of each fringe for extra strength. Do not cut the thread. (Figure 4)

4. Bury the thread in the cloth, then bring it out again where you want your next beaded fringe to begin. Continue to add fringe to the entire bottom of each end of the scarf.

See how easy that is? You can use this embellishment technique to create fringe for a scarf like this one to give as a gift, or even as a quilt embellishment

I can see wearing this scarf to a holiday party or an art opening. In fact, I have just the little black dress to go with it.

The 2012-2013 issue of Quilting Arts Gifts has many projects that use fabric embellishment with beads, sequins, and more. You’re sure to find something you’d like to make and giveor keep for yourself.

P.S. What do you add to an outfit to make it more arty or festive? Tell me about it in the comments section below. I could use some more ideas!

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