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quilt fabric storage
My fabric stash.

Three years ago I gave my studio an extreme makeover. I not only redecorated in my favorite colors, I changed the layout for better function, and organized my tools and embellishments.

But the single most important change I made, and the one that has been the most satisfying, is that I organized my quilt fabric stash by color and purchased vintage locker bins to store them in.

I really like this method of storing my stash, because I can see the colors when I enter my studio, and that inspires me. I also like the fact that the bins can be taken off the shelves for use while still containing the fabrics. When I’m finished, I enjoy folding my fabrics again and putting them away for the next use.

This method works for me, but it’s not right everyone. A lot depends on how you use your fabrics.

quilt fabric storage
Carol Taylor organizes her fabrics by value.

Value is a key element in Carol Taylor’s quilts, so she organizes her fabrics  accordingly. Carol has a wall full of shelves in her studio, and she stacks her fabrics on them by value. A sliding design wall covers the fabrics and helps shield them from dust and UV rays.

quilt fabric storage
Judith Trager stands her fat
quarters on end.

Judith Trager also organizes by color, but stands her folded fat quarters on their sides. Judith, who is known for her landscapes and for small art quilts that reflect her wit, sorts her novelty prints separately.

I know many artists who specialize in fiber or mixed media collage; they often keep scraps in large bins. They like the serendipity of discovering a color or print combination that they wouldn’t ordinarily think of. Designer and artist Betz White keeps her felted wool pieces unfolded in bins so she can mix-and-match patterns and colors easily.

quilt fabric storage
Betz White sorts scraps by color,
but doesn’t fold.

Fabric artists who work with pieces larger than fat quarters often hang them, using tiered skirt hangers. Or, they roll and stack their fabrics. We’ve seen many different ways to organize fabric stashes, thread hoards, loose fibers, and more in the pages of Studios magazine. If you’re looking for a better way of containing your stash (the better to use it!), be sure to check out these artists’s spaces and many more in back issues of Studios.

P.S. How do you organize your fabric stash? Folded and stacked? Do you separate solids from prints? Everyone wants to know, so share with us!

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