How To Wrap A Gift Quilt

You did it! All those hours of sewing paid off and the gift quilt for someone special is ready in time for the festivities. You’re SO happy, but there’s something still nagging at your brain…

Wrapping. You have to figure out how to wrap that quilt. And if it’s lap size or larger, that can be a big task. Let’s look at some ideas gathered from the internet to help you on your way to package perfection!

First of all, please DON’T throw your quilt in a trash bag. If you treat your quilt like garbage, other people will be tempted to do the same. And, although we don’t personally know any stories about a quilt being thrown out by mistake due to being placed in a trash bag, we do know of a load of dirty laundry on its way home from a vacation that met the same fate once unloaded at home. Into the garbage. Gone. For good. If that happened to your gift quilt, you’d be beside yourself. There are definitely more attractive and appropriate ways to package your handmade quilt, so don’t be tempted by the ease of unrolling a trash bag and popping the quilt in. Just… don’t.

There are always boxes and large gift bags (affiliate link), ready and waiting, but if you’re giving a gift you spent many hours making, why not step it up a bit? Use the scraps left over from the quilt you’re gifting to MAKE the wrapping—how impressive is that?! This large tote by Laura Blachard doubles as a storage bag and solves the packing problem elegantly. It’s a win-win!

Large Tote by Laura Blanchard

Large Tote by Laura Blanchard

But wait, you say…it’s December 23 and this quilt is a Christmas gift. Or you’re on your way to the rehearsal dinner and the wedding quilt needs to be wrapped by tomorrow. There’s no time to make the tote bag. Maybe not, but there IS time to do the next best thing.

Make a pillowcase that coordinates with the quilt, slide the quilt inside, and tie the opening shut with a pretty ribbon or fabric selvage. Making a pillowcase takes only minutes, and it’s a wonderful way to store a quilt in a linen closet between uses—breathable, easy to identify, and moderately protective against anything surrounding it. Plus, the gift recipient can actually use it as a pillowcase if they prefer! Use our free pillowcase pattern and get that quilt wrapped in no time.

Pillow Case Quilt Wrap
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Here are a few more quilt wrapping ideas to explore:

  • Roll the quilt and present it in a stackable crate (watch the free video by Kimberly Jolly of Fat Quarter Shop).
  • Simply roll the quilt and tie with a beautiful ribbon—no wrapping necessary.
  • Package in an inexpensive plastic container related to the use of the quilt (diaper pail for a baby quilt, red and green tub for a Christmas quilt, etc.). Be sure to tell the recipient that plastic is not a good long-term storage solution for quilts and other textiles. Colors can bleed and plastics can off-gas, staining the fabric.
  • Or, pick up a few reusable fabric gift bags (affiliate link) to keep for those last-minute gifts.

We hope these ideas help you get that gift quilt packed and delivered to its new happy home. Then you can be on to your next project!

Happy Quilting!

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